Say Bye to Rejected Piercings with These Belly Button Tips

Are you sick and tired of your rejected belly button piercings? Well, you're not alone! This is a common struggle that many people face. But fear not, my pierced friends. We have put together the ultimate guide to help you avoid rejection and keep your belly button piercing looking fabulous.

Say Bye to Rejected Piercings with These Belly Button Tips

Understanding Why Piercings Get Rejected

Before we get into the tips on how to prevent rejected piercings, it's important to understand why they happen in the first place. A piercing can become rejected when your body sees the foreign object (the jewelry) as a threat and tries to push it out by forming scar tissue around it.

There are several reasons why this might happen:

  • Poor Aftercare: If you don't take care of your piercing properly after getting it done, bacteria can form around it leading to infections. Infections may cause swelling which could lead to rejection.
  • Improper Jewelry: The material used for jewelry matters when getting pierced. Using cheap or non-hypoallergenic materials like nickel could make your piercing rejects.
  • Incorrect Placement: Placing of piercing too shallow or too deep affects healing speed and risk price more pain.

Pro tip: Always opt for titanium or surgical steel at initial pierce before switching up.

What You Can Do To Avoid Rejecting Your Belly Button Piercing?

Now that we know what causes rejected belly button piercings let’s talk about some easy ways that might help prevent them from happening!

1) Safeguard against infection

The last thing a newly-pierced hole wants is contact with sweat, stickiness than usual due mostly because wearing tight clothing/foam padding anytime between sitting periods eg Car rides extending over one hour long without slips between contacts - this all leads not only painful stinging but also creates moisture-trapped space for bacteria growth unwelcome in healing!

Pro tip: Make sure the pierced area is dry, aired out to prevent bacteria growth.

2) Leave the jewelry alone

In an attempt to speed up the healing process of your piercings, you might end up irritating or worse shoving around. Your body knows how best it heals itself and so flipping at new hole unhealed will only create discomfort rather than comfort.

Pro tip: You don’t want air/body fluids trapped in between healing surface/metallic object.

3) Maintain a healthy lifestyle

A balanced diet/healthy well-rested self are key factors for good piercing health rate success. Eating nutrient supplements greens together with more superior hydration leads affects recovery dramatically positively.

Pro Tip: Stay clear from alcoholic or caffeine drinks consumption as they tend increasing inflammation, at least before initial piercing has healed fully within 6-9 months ie., recommended complete absence within said period length.

Final Thoughts

Belly button piercings can be a beautiful addition to your body art. However, nobody likes taking care of rejected piercings but if done correctly single puncture style could go long way easily managed without rejection risks making us enjoy unique pieces hanging-out giving us amazing feelings daily after tasks-at-love given on-job satisfaction where seeking acceptance from peers need not become our goal just personal pleasure gained through self-expression counts most all along!

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