Say Goodbye to Baby’s Gas Pains: Massage Techniques You Need to Know

Babies are notorious for having gas pains, and as a parent, it can be distressing to see your baby wincing in pain. Fortunately, there are some massage techniques you can use to help alleviate those pesky gas pains without relying on medication or other remedies that may not work.

Say Goodbye to Baby

In this article, we'll discuss the causes of baby's gas pains, how to recognize it in your baby and most importantly how you can eliminate them with ease through certain massage techniques.

What Causes Gas Pains In Babies?

There are many reasons babies experience gas pain which includes:

  • A newly developed digestive system
  • Swallowing air while feeding
  • Consuming formula milk that their body cannot break down effectively
  • Allergies/Intolerances
  • An immature burping reflex

As saliva is swallowed during breastfeeding creates an acidic environment in the stomach which leads to fermentation of milk further resulting in excess production of gases such as methane and carbon dioxide along with building pressure inside the tummy leading infants feeling discomforted due to flatulence.

How To Recognize If Your Baby Is Suffering From Gastrointestinal Pain?

It is important that parents distinguish between gastrointestinal problems from normal challenges faced by a newborns. There are various signs/symptoms including excessive passing wind(Gas),
Crying uncontrollably/moving legs around ,swollen abdominal area,stomach cramps,vomiting, loose bowel movements etc., amongst other indications that suggest an issue with their digestion.

Are you observing any symptoms?

Keep calm! Here’s what you should do!

## Simple Yet Effective Massage Techniques That Can Help Alleviate Gas Pains

1) Warm-up exercise - Start each session by massaging the belly gradually over one minute just before getting started improving circulation helping smoother digestion process.

2) Kite Technique - With your baby lying down, place your wet hand over the abdomen and create circular movements as though a kite is being flown in the sky. This will help to relax uptight stomach muscles.

3) I Love You Massage - Beginning at just above the baby's belly button for every stage of massage, run three fingers together to trace out an "I" now moving towards left of chest do it once again while repeating letter “L” continuing downwards up till right hipbone . It reduces colic symptoms and constipation by decreasing tension on vital intestines.

4) Bicycle Legs – Holding legs gently move them upwards towards their tummy then gradually pushing them back to normal position making a circular motion as this can improve bowel movement and offer some relief.

5) Tummy Time – Lay down face with armpits resting above elbow meeting hands propped elbows underneath stomach whilst lifting up from floor for a minute or two increasing pressure that aids expulsion of gas from tummy likewise strengthen arms/neck muscles creating body balance

6) Spider Walk Massage- Starting under sternum using middle & index finger , slowly glide down drawing spider leg following pelvic bone building upto rib cage region during downward stroke pulling across abdominal wall piercing any trapped pockets of air aiding fart release

Other noteworthy things

-Distract Baby: distracting infant via rhythmic pat swaddle/bounce can be useful because when less fidgety ambience would let them ease digestive issues -Calming Environment: quieter atmosphere like soft music/talking helps put them at ease putting all focus into digestion process -Magic Touch: Use Olive oil/Massage cream/Lotion which not only provides cool/stress-relieving sensation but also improves grippage & smooth movement against skin; avoid pushing however apply gentle strokes

Note: If none of these techniques seem to work or if your baby is exhibiting severe pain, excess vomiting/diarrhea, fever, or inconsolable crying seek medical help immediately.

When to Contact Your Baby’s Doctor

If the following symptoms persist it is always advisable to contact your doctor for further guidance:

  • Consistent and excessive vomiting
  • Frequent diarrhea
  • Fever that goes beyond moderate body temperature.
  • Distressed breathing or shortness of breath which could results in respiratory issues

Newborns are vulnerable hence parents must seek professional help when their health exhibits any anomalies beyond these massage techniques. Keep yourself informed with a basic know-how, take necessary preventive measure(s) strictly at home avoiding exposure through external sources remembering its important even during vaccination drives; preventing unexpected illnesses keeping the baby sound and happy can be a real game changer!

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