Say Goodbye to Cradle Cap: Find Out What Really Works!

If you're the parent of a little one, then you've probably encountered cradle cap at some point. You know the scene – your sweet baby has a scaly, flaky scalp that looks almost like dandruff. Except it's not dandruff. And what do you even do about it? Don't worry – we've got your back (and your baby's head).

Say Goodbye to Cradle Cap: Find Out What Really Works!

What Is Cradle Cap?

First things first: let's talk about what cradle cap actually is. Cradle cap is basically just a buildup of skin cells and oil on the scalp. It can cause flakes or scales that range from white to yellowish-brown, and sometimes there may be redness or inflammation as well.

While cradle cap isn't harmful or dangerous in itself, it can look kind of alarming (not to mention gross). Plus, if left untreated for too long, it could lead to an infection or more severe condition.

Causes of Cradle Cap

There are many theories on what causes this unsightly ailment but no clear consensus within MEDical RESEARCH!! However below are few possible explanations: - Overactive sebaceous glands - Yeast called malassezia - Immune system reacting inappropriately

Honestly.. Who cares?? Let’s talk about how we will GET RID OF IT!!

At-Home Remedies for Cradle Cap


Shampoo More Often

Let’s start with something simple: shampooing regularly per day up-to 3 times which helps removing excess oils. This should help get rid of any existing build-up and also prevent future problems similar / relatedto CRADLE CAP!.

Petroleum Jelly Treatment

EASY PEASY! Apply some petroleum jelly oil (for example: Vaseline) on the scalp and give it some time to work (possibly 20 mins - 1 hour)! Apply a gentle baby shampoo thereafter !!BADA BING!!

Coconut Oil

How about using something more natural? Coconut oil has amazing nourishing properties for the skin, You can use COCONUT OIL!!! Massage coconut oil into your little one’s head [NICE-ISH]! Let it sit for five minutes before washing your child's hair with a gentle shampoo.

A combination of both!

You COULD actually consider using both - start by treating their scalp with petroleum jelly to loosen any flakes. Then, after you wash all that messy gunk away, follow up by massaging in some coconut oil. #VOILA

Natural Solutions Available

If you’re not into petroleum jelly or coconut oils then there are plenty of organic products available out-there: Weleda Baby White Mallow Body Lotion is scentless white mallow and pansy extracts extremely sensitive skin-friendly lotion used; specifically designed to soothe cradle cap issues. Another choice would be Johnson & Johnsone Baby Shampoo as it holds no parabens phthalates sulfates forming ultra-dry/fragile layers so further issuess relatedto ~excessive scalp discharge~ could potentially lead-to diaper rash!

When Do You Need to Visit The Doctor?

Cradle cap isn't typically anything to worry about - like we mentioned earlier – but there are some situations that might call for medical attention:


If the affected area becomes red/swollen/warm OR even produces an odor they most probably have an infection accompanied with CRADLE CAP which means its necessary to contact a physician immediately..

Not Getting Better

If whatever treatment plan YOU embarks-on doesn’t help improve or worse still worsen condition itself then contact your child's doctor to see if there might be another underlying issue.


Cradle cap isn't a fun thing to deal with (it sounds like some kind of pirate disease when you say it out loud), but luckily, you don’t need a professional (with all applicable fees attached) to get rid-ofIT!. Try the methods we’ve mentioned above and YOU’LL most likely find relief - heck, TRY THEM ALL if nothing seems to work. Remember, every baby is unique – so what works for one NICU graduate doesn’t necessarily work for another! That said: experiment until you find YOUR cure!!

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