Say Goodbye to Infant Gas: Tips for Soothing Your Baby’s Tummy

So you've got an adorable little bundle of joy, but they're not feeling so joyful after a feeding. They're gassy and uncomfortable and it breaks your heart because you don't quite know what to do for them. Don't worry! We've compiled a list of tips that will help soothe their tummy troubles.

Understanding Infant Gas

Before we dive into solutions, let's talk about what's going on with your baby. As infants' digestive systems are still developing, they can experience gas as food moves through their intestines (and hot dang can they ever). This isn't necessarily anything to worry about - but it does make them fussy!

Symptoms of Infant Gas

  • Red-faced crying
  • Squirming or kicking legs
  • Clenched fists
  • Arching back while crying
    (Is it just me or does this sound like dance move gone wrong?)

Now that we know what the issue is let's get into some fun ways to help ease those tiny tummies!


When attempting to burp a child onto our shoulder while bouncing wildly slightly side-to-side...just kidding (kinda). Although some babies seem comforted by being carried in this position, there are other positions you might be interested in trying out.

The Football Hold (Not To Be Confused With Actual Football)

The football hold involves holding your baby under one arm much like holding said object during an actual game (if only I had pictured my previous relationships this way), supporting her head with the hand opposite from the breast she’s nursing on.


  • Great if you’ve had C-section & find cradling painful.
  • Minimizes pressure on incision site.
  • If baby has reflux/spit-up issues which can be improved with upright positioning.

The Legs Up Position

This position allows your baby to lie on their back, while you hold onto their ankles, lifting both feet up in the air. This postion also helps relieve pressure that can build up around the abdomen (this is not an invitation for dads to do standing splits and play jazz-hand drums).


  • Soothes fussy babies who have gas.
  • Easy way to help beginners attempting yoga (just kidding, please don't try it).

What diet might my infant have exactly? Good question!

Identifying Foods That Could Cause Infant Gas

While breast milk and formula are best sources of nutrition for infants, some foods consumed by nursing mothers may contribute more forceful intake than others.

Top Ten Tip-Bit Culprits
1. Beans & legumes
2. Dairy Products
3. Caffeine
4.Chocolate(Under penalty of death I will never give this up)
5.Spicy Foods(Whyy!! Whyyy!!)
6.Acidic Fruits
- Pineapple????

we might need a moment after seeing pineapple there

The items presented above^ could lead to increased gas production depending on how sensitive adults are – thus affecting little ones.

Consider Your Baby's Feeding Technique

Human beings come in all shapes and sizes- so why assume every babe requires identical assistance at mealtime?

If your baby has significant difficulty feeding or managing his bottle upon eating – perhaps due suck reflex development - they could be swallowing extra air throughout developmental months – creating uncomfortable scenarios until learned properly ^(some of us never learn so no judgement here).

Consider slower-flowing nipples or waiting additional moments between allowing them their next feeding session if necessary

One of the staple highlights for new parents is every burp during feeding periods. One thing I learned a few gasping and crabby months in were all paths to such victor-upon release.

The Sit-Up Method

You’ll begin by sitting your baby on your lap, using one arm to support their chest and head as they sit upright (having newborns that can stand or do mini push-ups would rattle me)


  • Provides for efficient simple process.

  • Allows babies best opportunity for air bubbles of frustration

Although us lovely ladies might feel like we’re providing morsels of luxury while carrying with convenience; tummy time (supervised playtime) throughout day could assist our giggling sidekicks use their abdominal muscles more – perhaps meaning releasing mad-inferno-gases better!

Let’s be real; who else watched their kids lie flat down upon respective tummies so casually not understanding how much easier it was to adult years before? #nostalgia

Tummy Massage

When given supervised tummy time specifically after feedings - give those tiny abs a little extra love! By gently rubbing clockwise around belly button area, just enough pressure aided in “moving poop along’’ ^(sorry if this makes you uncomfortable but its biology guys).

Highly recommend employees investing in company masseuses if planning kiddos!

While being a parent may seem at times overwhelming via uncontrollable issues arise, there are moments when calling would probably be beneficial for both parents nerves sake-If yours has:

  • Rectal Bleeding ^(runs away)
  • Persistent Vomiting
  • Failing weight gain.
                                                              Happy Parenting!

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