Say Goodbye to Red Eyes: Cure Your Popped Eye Blood Vessel!

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed a small red spot on your eye? It may look like you have been punched, but the truth is that your eye blood vessel has popped. This can be caused by several factors, such as coughing too hard or rubbing your eyes too much. Don't worry, though! In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about how to cure a popped eye blood vessel.

Say Goodbye to Red Eyes: Cure Your Popped Eye Blood Vessel!

What is a popped eye blood vessel?

Before discussing the cure for a popped eye blood vessel, let's first understand what it actually means. When one of the tiny veins on your eyeball ruptures, it leads to bleeding under the conjunctiva (the clear layer covering your sclera). As a result, a small red patch appears on your white part of the eye.

This condition can also present with other symptoms - such as dryness or itchiness - but these usually subside over time.

Why do they happen?

The primary reason why an individual experiences this condition is due to external pressure upon their eyes. While smaller reasons could often involve any physical interaction with them; bigger possibilities could indicate underlying medical conditions like high/low-blood pressure and diabetes mellitus.

We've listed some common causes:

  • Sneezing/coughing
  • Rubbing vigorously on surface-eye region
  • Strenuous lifting/exercising
  • Stressful events

If you're thinking,"Okay that makes sense...but who cares?", bear in mind, popping vessels may cause permanent ocular issues! Soothe those irritated peepers before deterioration ensues!!

How to Treat Them

Thankfully, there are many remedies you can try at home before seeking professional help.. Most cases will get better without treatment within two weeks; however here are some actions that would help out:

1. Eye Drops

Artificial tears are available over-the-counter at local pharmacies and drugstores, which help in lubricating eyes to prevent dryness.

There are also specialized eye drops specifically made for red eyes that may include additional ingredients such as an antihistamine or vasoconstrictor. These can be used to reduce blood vessel inflammation and irritation.

Note: Physician consultation is necessary before choosing specific drops according to individual health

2. Warm Compresses

Placing a warm compress on your closed eyelids can aid the healing process by increasing blood flow to the affected area. This will speed up the absorption of any clotted blood underneath your sclera, consequently reducing chances of further bleeding or elongated recovery time!

  • Simply dip a towel into warm water
  • Squeeze it properly - we don't want you soaking like laundry!
  • Place directly on top of CLOSEDS-lids
  • Keep doing until level-up..

Reminder: It must only be lukewarm; else improved swelling might lead towards optic nerve damage!

3.Sleeping Posture Matters a lot

An uncomfortable nights' sleep could cause many disparities in one's overall well-being, especially when faced with broken vessels ! Sleeping posture is crucial - make sure not sleeping entirely flat leading to adequate head elevation (at least about two pillows). If possible use more cushions - SNUGLIFE!

Better yet, using specially designed wedge-shaped pillowscan ease life facing multiple issues like acid reflux.. Not bad eh?

When should you call an expert?

It's normal for popped eye vessels/scars/bruises/swelling marks etc.,to appear less threatening after some days but still managing them yourself without professional advice could end badly-here're some signs it’s needed immediately:

If the following symptoms accompany Red-Eye Spot:

1.Burning accompanies itchiness.

 While it may not seem as though itching is a serious issue,  residue in your hands like chemicals might worsen up the point overall!

2.Eye discharge accompanying pain

Heavy redness near border upper region n lower part

 The type of discharge can determine whether doctor visitations are necessary. If it's watery-requirement maybe just be over-the-counter medicines; however if irritating mucousy-..

3.Visual disturbances unrelated to the Pain

Optical issues may go hand-in-hand with popped blood-vessels which could hinder one’s ability in roaming around normally.Why take that risk?

4.Trauma (Emotional or Physical)

    Most of us often forget stress-induced impact. Conjuctiva also could physically traumatize and become dry due to constant pressure on our eyes post-overworking day-weekends..>right??

| Safest Option? Call an Ophthalmologist|

Most Importantly, don't panic when you see something out of place; small interventions by medical professionals can alleviate them faster than panicking! Schedule immediate appointments.


The age-old saying "Prevention is better than Cure" holds significance even here !

Here are Actions Requiring Immediate Attention:

  1. DON'T RUB YOUR EYES - Seriously,It looks suspicious to look at someone constantly rubbing their face especially-eyes.If going ahead with activities involving hands scrub once with soap / sanitizer before resorting.However,rubbing too much leads towards external damage & broken vessels pop up!!

2.Protect Them from Sunlight UV Damage

Wear sunglasses while standing amidst sunlight-piercing-glass/chairs/lounges indoors/outdoors... This would lessen possibilities prone towards vascular ruptures significantly.

Warning: Before buying Shades-Try making sure they provide adequate help deter ocular harm otherwise waste+health hazards equals total loss 🙁 .

3.Lifestyle changes & Proper Presentation

Smoker?Stop it.

Drunkard or someone mostly found with overstressed-life.Exercising and sleep cycles Must-Have in the schedule.

Moreover-presentation matters..Whatever diet combination (veg/non-veg)..we mean greenies / chicken lovers - both require an adequate amount of water consumption.Play those 8-glasses-a-day regimes.


Well...this was eye-opening (ha! Get it?). Red eyes from popped blood vessels can be concerning, but they're usually harmless and clear up on their own within a week or two !

However, paying attention to your body is always important to avoid complications that could lead to permanent damage. As mentioned before, immediate consultation with Ophthalmologist is preferred especially for confirmed diagnosis/proper treatment schedules.

So take care of your peepers and don't neglect them!

Disclaimer: The information provided above serves as commentary/educational content & not constitute professional medical advice/diagnosis/treatment substitutes; please contact relevant HCPs according to respective situations.If symptoms persist after medical attention consult physician again.

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