Say Goodbye to Sniffles: Ultimate Guide on Curing Cold and Cough for 2-Year-Old

Are you tired of your little one constantly sniffling and coughing their way through winter? Fear not, dear parent, as I have created the ultimate guide to curing cold and cough for 2-year-olds. Follow these tips and tricks, and before you know it, you'll be able to say goodbye to sniffles once and for all.

Say Goodbye to Sniffles: Ultimate Guide on Curing Cold and Cough for 2-Year-Old

Understanding the Common Cold

Before we dive into the remedies, let's first understand what a common cold entails. A cold is caused by a virus that affects the upper respiratory tract or nose area. Symptoms can include runny nose, sneezing, congestion, sore throat, coughing, fever amongst others.

How does a child catch a cold?

It’s pretty easy actually; kids tendto touch everything in sight! If they pick up anything with germs already present then put their hands in their mouth,eat something without washing their hands properly or breathe air that has been infected with particles from an airborne illness^[1]. They become susceptible to catching such viral infections.

Treating Common Cold at Home

The following are methods I've tried out on my own two-year-old youngsters,and they seemto work just fine( it worked... eventually! ).

Keep them well hydrated

When babies have a runny nose during flu symptoms,rubbing petroleum jelly aroundand underneaththeir nostrils might alleviate irritation.If this doesn’t help much,you could encourage fluid intake to keep those nasal cavities moist whichwill reduce discomfort³.Even better make drinking water fun by adding in some fruit essence.The power of taste buds,miracle worker!

Administer Honey

A spoonful of honey (for babies who are over a year old)can be mixed with warm water, and given intermittently to relieve cold symptoms. Honey's antimicrobial nature is effective in reducing inflammation of the throat when boiled with some ginger root or pepper^[2].

Use Humidifiers

Lack of moisture can worsen congestion symptoms by causing formation of mucus inside nasal passages which could lead to coughing or sneezing.We don’t want that,to avoid this it’s important you install a cool-mist humidifierin your child's room at night; it will add much needed moister into their surroundings.So why wait,get cracking!

Essential Oils

Essential oils work like magic for many things -beauty hacks, mood moderators,and yes-cold relief too! For instance,some drops of eucalyptus oil on a handkerchief placed onthe pillow do wonders while sleeping.Combining lavender essential oil and coconut oil makes up an excellent mixture rubbed onto chest as well ought their feet before bedtime.This mix helpstheminhale the fragrance,making them feel better3.

Foods That Fight Flu Symptoms

"As we age our vitamins absorption capacity decreases", quoted from my pharmacist friend. It is no secretthat good nutrition plays a significant role in maintaining immunity.Moreover, "food is natural medicine"~Leslie Beck.Ifyouneedadditionalsupportor hasteenagekid who won't eat veggies,it might needintroducing the flu fighting foodsas partoftheir diet.

Chicken Soup ( works)

How about an easy-to-make remedy-chicken soup? According to Dr.Rosenfeld,a Medical Professor atWeill Cornell University,4chicken soup lowers inflammations levels This will reduce the common flu symptoms.It has mucous thinning properties coupledwith being tasty enough making children stand out for seconds.Genius.

Citrus Fruits Juice

Vitamin C has been known to aid in flu relief.Plenty of fruit well known to be rich in Vitamin C such as oranges or kiwi should be added into their diet. Why not make a glass of freshly squeezedorange juice? Tasty and healthy-it's a win-win! However,if you suspectanemia,discuss with your pediatrician before adding citrus foods^[4].

Prescription Medication

Usually reserved for extreme cases where the cold poses an imminent threat to the toddlers’ health.These drugs include;

Nasal sprays

These are used to ease congestion.Still have headaches, coughing fits and sore throat with no end sight ?You oughtto see your physician who might administer prescription nasal sprays.Those are formulatedrelieving sinusitis symptoms.


Not all colds require antibiotics,but those duebacterial-related infections do.Insuch scenarios,it’s importantyou is prescribedindicated medication by qualified medical professional [^5].

Prevention & Precautions

Avoiding illness altogether is better than curing it after infection.More prevention methods can alleviate chances at risk; like washing hands frequently.Remember failing to prevent them will only lead you back don’t this process.

A good night's sleep

Ensureyour little onesget enough sleep which improves immunity.

Limit sugar intake

Sugar lowers immunity so we want our kidsfree fromthis-consumptionshouldbe limited.Rather,cut up some fruits for munchies for that much needed vitamin boost!

Final Thoughts

All the above remedies may help towards flu symptom reliefas well as boosting general body immunity.When consulting your doctor mention alternative medicine practicesparticularly when they arerecent,supplements takenor specific diets consumed.It’s worth noting its advisableseek advicefromanlicensedprofessionalseekingin terms of treatment .Until then happy recovery days to the little ones!

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