Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks – What Helps Them Go Away!

As much as we adore our bodies, there are times that we want the marks on them gone. Be it acne scars or stretch marks, they just bother us like a booger in the nose. In this article, let's talk about stretch marks and how you can say goodbye to them.

Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks - What Helps Them Go Away!

It's Just Normal

If you think having stretch marks is the worst thing that could ever happen to your body, then you have got to be kidding me! A lot of people get stretch marks for various reasons such as:

  • Body Growth
  • Rapid Weight Gain/Loss
  • Pregnancies (oh yaaaaay!) So if you've got some lines on your skin or will soon develop one, no need to freak out darling.

So..What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are when thin lines appear on the surface of our skin due to overstretching which happens when collagen and elastin fibers weaken in our dermis (the middle layer of the skin) and break apart into shorter structures rendering them ineffective in supporting skin elasticity.

These pesky lines usually show up where fat is stored like tummy area poaching uterus owners (pregnant women), thighs/buttocks where weight fluctuates more often than an elevator in a hospital.

In simpler terms, these bands of proteins are like cranky broken guitar strings except they're not used for creating music but instead make beautiful bellies look like old maps with rivers running through towns.

Why Do They Feel Different Than Normal Skin?

When compared against normal smooth supple skins (Sheldon Cooper voice) ,stretch mark-donning skins may feel indented versus raised because their structure has been compromised which creates emotional strife for some people who touched themselves before noticing what was going on.

How To Prevent Them

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are some tips on how you can prevent those pesky marks from forming:

Lotion Up

Keeping your skin moisturized is key in preventing stretch marks because when your skin is supple, it won't break so easily.

You see, moisturizer does not allow the fats stored under our skin to hold all the weight and lay the surface area across more volume, therefore reducing tension felt by weak straining fibers.

Tip: Apply lotion regularly such as Mary Kay's Maintenance 3D Intense Moisturise that helps improve overall appearance of fine lines +texture while managing moisture retention for healthier looking skin!

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy foods that promote collagen production like carrots or sweet potatoes which contains beta-carotene, fish rich in omega-3 fatty acid ,and high protein containing diets will help maintain elasticity whilst ensuring increased blood vessel structure formation thereby maintaining proper nutrition distribution.

How To Reduce Stretch Marks

In this section we’ll tackle what practical ways exist for women who have already developed stretch marks to reduce their size/visibility.


Exercise is an excellent way to keep yourself toned and at a stable weight which prevents rapid weight loss/gain leading stretches. This also helps create new collagen fibers in your dermis tissue allowing them to replace older ineffective ones leading to smoother appearances when combined with consistent workout sessions (Batman voice) .

It’s about going beyond one session per month instead having fitting routines time-tabled weekly/monthly leading up towards personal goals without calling it 'exercise' but ridiculous fun activities like hula hooping if one must!

Creams And Oils

If exercise doesn't fit into your range or takes long working hours from home then creams/oils could be considered an alternative measure.You want something equipped with retinoids -(vitamin A derivatives) capable of increasing elastin fibers in dermis. Other oils like jojoba oil, argan oil and almond oil help hydrate skin too.

Tip: Mary Kay Advanced Moisture Renewal Treatment Cream has the collagen-boosting power of retinoid which help reduce appearance of wrinkles!

Laser Therapy

You may be thinking that lasers are science fiction items but truth be told they've helped many women including celebrities reclaim their physical self confidence.You can have your pregnant wife treated with Pulse-Dye -Laser (PDL) to improve distribution of blood vessels thereby draining poorly nourished tissues leaving smoother surfaces behind yielding more confidence and happiness within (Teletchubies voice)!


Stretch marks are not evil nor a plot to destroy our beautiful selves; it's just life happening since we all grow or go through weight fluctuations throughout various stages in life.Eating healthy foods and keeping hydrated is key to maintaining proper nutrition.

Consistent exercise routines help create newer healthier elastin fibers in dermis tissue aiding prevention before stretch marks develop at first place.Moisturizers such as Mary Kay 3D Intense Moisturiser helps manage moisture retention for supple easier-to-stretch skins while restructuring old broken guitar string-like structures improving overall texture look.

Laser therapy exists solely to increase blood vessel formation effectively rejuvenating surface area on large volume areas diminishing any visible signs of past growth spurts so why would mothers not want them looking into this eye-catching option?

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