Seafood & Pregnancy: Can You Indulge?

Are you a sea-loving mama-to-be who is craving some ocean treats? Are you afraid that indulging in seafood during pregnancy might hurt your unborn child? Well, fear no more! In this article, we will explore the myths and truths behind seafood cravings and its effect on pregnancy. So put on your swimming caps (or just grab some popcorn) because we are diving right into this fishy topic!

Seafood & Pregnancy: Can You Indulge?

A Quick 101 On Seafood Picks

Before we dive ahem headfirst into whether or not it's safe to consume all kinds of seafood while pregnant, let's get a quick overview of which ones should be consumed with caution.

High-mercury fish: Some species of fish contain high levels of mercury which can cause developmental problems for the fetus. These include swordfish, shark, king mackerel, and tilefish among others.

Raw and undercooked fish: Seafood dishes made with raw or undercooked shellfish like clams or oysters may contain harmful bacteria like listeria which can be dangerous for pregnant women.

Safe Seafood Bets During Pregnancy

Fear not! Being pregnant doesn't mean giving up on seafood altogether. As long as you pick from these low-risk options below (always cooked thoroughly!), you'll sail through your nine months happily full:

Seafood Type Why It's Good For You
Salmon Rich source of omega-3 fatty acids; lowers blood pressure
Shrimp Low calorie; Great source of vitamins D & B12
Tilapia Low-calorie white fish; Rich in protein
Trout High protein content; Good source of vitamin D

The Truth Behind Mercury Levels In Fish

So what's the deal with mercury in certain types of seafood? Is it really that big a deal?

Answer: Yes, it is.

Mercury toxicity is a real thing, and pregnant women are in the high-risk category. Mercury can cross the placenta easily and potentially cause developmental issues with your baby's brain, nervous system or kidneys.

However! Keep in mind that there are plenty of fish (as highlighted above) that have lower levels of mercury. And occasional indulgence won't do much damage to an adult - but those factors ^(and more) make it important to keep a healthy diet!

To Indulge Or Not?

The answer lies somewhere in the middle – moderate consumption of seafood during pregnancy has been shown to be safe for both mothers and babies. Pregnant women should aim for 2-3 servings per week, keeping mercury levels low by opting for cooked shrimp over tuna sashimi!

Cravings Come In With Their Own Set Of Rules

When you're pregnant, cravings will strike you like thunderbolts from Zeus himself! It can be difficult sometimes amidst all these scientifically valid warnings about which foods are safe - who wants to hear they shouldn't satisfy their seafood desires?

Do not worry: You don't need to squeeze every last memory out of eating fried calamari or bisque before giving birth. Eating small amounts as part of your balanced diet could provide nutrients key during this smoothie journey: - Higher omega-3 fatty acids - DHA - EPA

At least one serving will pay back with 200 mg worth of valuable omega content alone; another possible perk being improved fetal growth.

Oh The Joy Of Cooking Tips During Pregnancy!

Just because sushi rolls out during pregnancy doesn’t mean you can’t still sip on some clam chowder or try something new! Next time you visit the market please consider trying: 1. Grilled fish 2. Any shellfish – just make sure they’re well-cooked 3. Fish tacos 4. Tuna sandwich 5. Ahi poké bowl

Final Thoughts

We hope that we are able to provide useful information for pregnant ladies out there regarding what kind of seafood is safe and beneficial. And even better, encourage longtime seafood lovers on continuing their journey regardless of being pregnant or not. A heads up! Some women prefer cutting down on fish dishes since they aren't a big fan. Always remember that moderation in all things will keep the body healthy, especially during pregnancy!

Sea you later!

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