Seat your baby right: When to use bumbo seat

Are you one of those parents who wants their baby to be seated in the right way? Look no further because a Bumbo seat might just be what your baby needs. But before that, don't you want to know more about it?

Seat your baby right: When to use bumbo seat

What is a Bumbo seat?

A Bumbo seat is a circular structured chair designed for infants who can hold their head up without assistance usually between 3-4 months old. It's made of foam material and does not have any straps or harness attached.

Is it safe for babies?

Safety should always come first when it comes to our little ones. As per regulations, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled all products from August 2012 as they did not meet federal safety standards. However, if you are using an older version of the product that meets these standards, then yes, the seat is safe.

The company offers different colors and designs options so that users will choose according to their preference - this makes sense because your child should look great while enjoying some time on his/her moon-shaped vessel surrounded by six side walls.

Still concerned? reassure yourself with independent empirical research online or seek advice from professional healthcare providers/ pediatricians.

Benefits Of Using A Bumbo Seat

Aside from looking good on Instagram feeds(Trust us! We've all been there), there are several benefits:

Encourages Good Posture

Your little one can sit upright comfortably with correct spinal alignment without slouching which means preventing any potential pressure occurrence at its early stages.

Suitable For Various Uses

Apart from meal time seating during weaning stage (which why not make post-toilet training mess maneuverable too?), parents use the seats during storytime sessions where bonding occurs as well!

Convenient On-The-Go Seating

If you're going out shopping or eating in a restaurant instead of holding your little one on your lap the whole time, pop them in their Bumbo seat! It's easy to transport and lightweight.

Acts As A Play Station

Babies love colors and vibrations. You can place some sensory toys or rattles on its tray to stimulate their senses - this is guaranteed entertainment for hours!

But Can't I Just Use A Regular Chair?

You might be wondering why you need a specific chair for your baby when you have a regular adult-sized couch? Here are some reasons why:

Adult Chairs Are Too Big

Sitting your baby on an adult-sized couch or chairs with no support at all especially if they're still using diapers can lead to accidents such as toppling over.

Safety Features of The Bumbo Seating

Unlike normal seats that offer zero protection, the safety features of the bumbo seating minimize risks of falls & any other health hazard no matter where it is located .

When Should I Start Using It?

As mentioned earlier, infants who are capable enough of holding up their head without assistance usually between 3-4 months old can use the Bumbo seat.

It's advised that parents wait until their child develops neck muscles before introducing them to sitting upright unless suggested by general medical practitioners/ pediatricians. Remember not every infant will develop at the same rate therefore crucial stages like rolling over first should be achieved before advancing towards new milestones including early independence through utilizing appropriate equipment.

Precautionary Measures

Just like anything else we introduce our babies too there always comes precautions that shouldn’t be skipped alongthe way.Some points worth noting include:

  • Always supervise infants while seated.
  • Ensure proper floor space underneath for soft landings.
  • Don't elevate or place onto surfaces (with exceptions on monitored usage which by far having misconceptions).

Always remember: Introducing any product excessively may lead o mistakes from unwanted hazards especially whrn pre-existing physical conditions are inherent such as Hip dysplasia. Always consult with your licensed medical care professional to get the right information.

Final Thoughts

A Bumbo seat is an excellent investment for parents, and it's affordable too. It may be tempting to let your little one sit in them every opportunity they get but remember that this should not replace floor time where babies can move their limbs freely which are essential growth stages .

We hope that our candid review of the Bumbo seat has enlightened you a bit on what you could expect before adorning this perfect moon-shaped crescent beside satin smooth skin tone cushions, just looking at it will remind you of bubbly fun moments!

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