Shape up post-baby: What’s a good girdle after pregnancy

Becoming a mom is an experience unlike any other. Bringing life into the world may be one of the greatest joys and accomplishments that anyone can encounter. However, the aftermath of pregnancy can leave moms feeling insecure and struggling with their body image. A common goal that many new moms have is to get back in shape post-baby, but it can feel overwhelming without guidance or direction. Don't fret! The answer to your distress might just come in the form of...drum roll...girdles!

Wait for It - What Is a Girdle Exactly?

First things first; what exactly are girdles? This piece of shapewear has been around for centuries and has evolved over time. Originally worn by women across multiple cultures as an undergarment throughout history, girdles were made from various materials such as linen, leather or iron.

Nowadays, we know them as elasticized garments, which help improve posture, aid abdominal muscles recovery after delivery by restricting movement while activated (It’s like hugging yourself 24/7) . They work similarly to corsets; they exert gentle pressure on target areas such as hips (There will be no more extra jiggling!), waistline (Say goodbye baby pooch!) , abdomen and buttocks enhancing feminine curves where there so requires (Slay Mama Slay!) .

Why Consider Wearing One

At first glance you might think that wearing tight underwear would only lead to discomfort or pain after going through pregnancy and childbirth but (news flash) working out during your postpartum period isn’t easy either! Wearing girdles not only works wonders on our bodies physiologically but also psychologically.

  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Encourages weight loss & Maintainance
  • Improves posture
  • Enhances physical mobility
  • Reduces postpartum pain

When and How to Choose Your Girdle

Now that you know the benefits of using a girdle let's talk about when choosing one. It’s important not start wearing these immediately after delivery, for safety reasons.


  1. First two days: Take it Easy : ADJUSTABLE BELT OR BINDER
  2. Week 1 - Week 6: LIGHT SUPPORT GARMENTS

While picking out your girdles, you can consider the following –

Consider The Fit

The right fit is essential to make sure that any form fitting garment works effectively as a means of reshaping focused areas on your body such as abdominal muscles, back hips etc . You might also have had a c-section; Always looking for specialized C-section shapewear options would be beneficial because they are designed specifically for women who’ve had this type of surgery.


Another consideration is fabric choice when selecting getting pieces such as support belt or full hosiery-style shapers or leggings with built-in compression treatments – are all made from different materials underneath it all. Lycra spandex blend, spandex nylon blends and polyester will help keep everything in place without digging into skin (No more muffin tops).

Price Point

Gone are those days where shapewears’ cost were thought to be too high ! Now there're many affordable brands available both online & offline .

Examples include , H&M Mama Shape-Wear Shorts(Looking great doesn't have to break the bank!) and Belly Bandit Post Pregnancy Pants (Because baby expenses alone aren’t cheap )

Let's Get Ready To Wear Some Shapewear!

Things to remember while wearing Girdles :

  1. It Takes Time To Adjust: You'll need to gradually increase wearing hours, Give your Skin Time to breathe and get used to this new added support .

  2. We recommend not overdoing it: causing more damage by pushing yourself too hard can put you at risk of developing Diastasis Recti where muscles in the abdominal wall separate (Not Worth The Risk!) .

3.. Stay Hydrated : Keep Drinking plenty Of water as long-term use of a girdle could lead to some dehydration

  1. IMPORTANT: Always take note what your body is telling you - make sure there are no signs of itchiness or rashes that may suggest an allergic reaction.

In conclusion, Girdles are a fantastic solution if you're looking for additional support post-baby whilst sculpting certain problem areas on your body. don't forget the benefits; improved posture and confidence levels (smile), weight loss and pain reduction which all contribute greatly in helping new moms feel amazing about themselves.

Don't be afraid to look into giving one a try! Remember with patience purposes keeps them simple yet effective.During these uncertain times embracing simplicity & ease will help us shower up both physically& mentally(And we all need it)

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