Shots during pregnancy: What you need to know!

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman's life, but it can also be filled with lots of questions and concerns - especially when it comes to vaccinations. With so many opinions out there, navigating through what you should or shouldn't do can get a little overwhelming.

Shots during pregnancy: What you need to know!

But don't worry! In this article, we're going to break down everything you need to know about getting shots during pregnancy.

The Importance of Vaccinations

You might be thinking "why bother?" Well folks, getting vaccinated while pregnant not only protects momma bear from catching certain illnesses but also helps protect baby too (if they arrive before your due for their own vaccines).

Some vaccines are essential even before conception because some diseases can harm both mother and child. However, other vaccinations require timing based on trimester as well as after birth.

Approved Vaccines While Pregnant

Not all vaccines are safe during pregnancy - "Thank goodness!" I hear you say- But there are still many that have been proven safe . Moderation my friends... Moderation. Moderation meant taking the required doses at the right time y'all.

Here is an overview of safe vaccinations recommended by doctors:

Vaccine Timing Purpose
Tdap Vaccine Between 27-36 weeks gestation Prevents tetanus(hell no), diptheria(and its mates) and pertussis(also known as whooping cough). Doesn’t give immunity rather passive protection
(Hooray for Politeness!)
Flu Vaccine (Influenza) Anytime during pregnancy

Nurse Penny says 'While these two types are considered “safe” by healthcare experts , please follow physician instruction.'


I’m sure ya gals are asking what you’re putting yourself and baby at risk when getting vaccinated. While vaccines are shown to be safe, sometimes side effects happen. Below is a table of some possible risks:

Vaccine Possible Risks
Tdap Vaccine Pain/Swelling around the area of injection; fever or redness
(All right... better than an ache in your left pinky toe)
Flu Vaccine (Influenza) Headache/Fatigue/Muscle Soreness; Vomiting(Don't worry gang it's just some squirts)

How Vaccines Will Help Your Baby?

Y'all know that protecting yourselves from diseases whilst pregnant will protect your newborns from certain illnesses via placenta. The antibodies you gained throughout vaccination eventually pass on to your little ones through passage in breastmilk too.

Consider shots pregnancy gifts for you and lo' bundle of joy!

Oh wait! Before going further there’s something I would like to remind all y’all lovely ladies about :


Always consult with and follow instructions given by physician before taking vaccinations. Any allergic reaction? No more such vaccinations! Better safe than not having birthday parties, Ladies.

Now that we’ve cleared things up let’s break down why doctors advise getting these vaccinations:

Flu Shots during Pregnancy

We've mentioned briefly but here's more breakdown .Its true flu shot while pregnant may lower possibility of influenza virus and possible complications — including preterm birth.

TDAP Shot During Pregnancy - What Is It Exactly?!

TDAP stands for tetanus (hell no), diphtheria(and mates), pertussis(commonly referred as whooping cough(gosh darnit)). Getting vaccinated with Tdap benefits momma bear by offering protection against whooping cough, spreads easily but based on CDC Deaths among babies younger than one year old altmost entirely due to pertussis, diagnosed among new borns less than 2 months old.

Getting vaccinated around week 27-36 protects newborn from getting infant disease 'Pertussis' before they are eligible for vaccines. Long story short-- Vaccination good. No vaccination bad!!

To Conclude...

We hope with this complete guide, now expectant mothers can make informed decisions about whether or not they’d like to get the vaccinations needed for a healthy pregnancy!

Always remember and follow your physicians’ instructions. They’re experienced in medicine things y’all!

Stay safe out there Moms-to-be!

PS: Don't forget that baby showers rock!

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