Signs of Conception: Detecting Success After Ovulation

Ah, the joys of trying to conceive. First comes love, then comes marriage (usually), then comes baby in a baby carriage. But what happens when that baby just doesn't seem to want to hop into that carriage? Fear not, my friends. Today we'll be discussing Signs of Conception and how you can detect your success after ovulation (without feeling like a total specimen cup addict).

Signs of Conception: Detecting Success After Ovulation

Ovulating 101

Before we jump right into detection mode, let's have ourselves a little refresher on ovulating. You know... that lovely time where your uterus is timing its opening for the arrival of prince sperm (or princess) charming.

What even is ovulation?

Well my friend, it's when an egg travels down one of two fallopian tubes and hangs out for up to 24 hours waiting for some potential suitors.

When does it happen?

It usually occurs around day 14 if you're clocked into the typical twenty-eight-day cycle society has deemed "normal." But alas – society is wrong! Some women may live at closer intervals such as twenty-five days or ones so far-off they could only be counted with fingers from Portugal.

But fear not folks there are signs aplenty!

Keep Trackin'

If you're currently having regular menstrual cycles but just can't quite seem to catch yourself preggers, start taking detailed notes about your down-there region:

  • A period tracking app.
  • Basal body temperature.
  • Cervical Mucus observation
  • Pee sticks

All these tools help except pee sticks which can return incorrect results by being unreliable thanks to each woman urination containing different hormones depending on individual metabolism.

The best indicator any woman evaluating her chances should watch out for here are definitely cervical mucus observations:

Monitoring Vaginal Discharge

It's gross, but it works. While thick and creamy discharge is the norm during other times of your menstrual cycle, thin and slippery becomes an overwhelming takeover come ovulation time!

So if you're at all confused about when to dock into that baby carriage, just pop a mental (or literal) note on those days – because timing can be everything!

Those Pesky Symptoms

While some women won't experience any symptoms after ovulating or even throughout pregnancy except for a burgeoning belly, others will feel like they've got PMS v2.0.'' The biggest difference being feelings are much as before menstruation but pain bigger while being continuous due to fertilization attempts taking place of uterus lining which weakens far sooner than usual.


Some folks simply have really bad stomach flu-like symptoms starting day 6 after conception occurs – okay? This could potentially be a sign though not generally reliable per woman response differences noted in this area make such signs personal only.

Fatigue & Insatiable Hunger Games

How many green teas or decaf lattes will one require to shake out these nap-inducing comas slumping around each midday till turning to evening rush hours? Not enough, people...not..enough.

Additionally food cravings become more demanding as time passes, both of these possible signs confirming ongoing creative processes resulting from intercourse over past days happening behind increasing abdominal pains likely mentioning earlier/above.

It takes someone equally unlucky/narrow minded as us gals ourselves by nature too oppose our sudden need for almond joys & ginger ale combos so prepare yourself with best argument ever 'I'm making life here' line spoken most confidently standing high without exception!

Blood Seeings...and Smells...

Okay yeah… neither sound good BUT spotting - light blood flow/signs- does indeed occur during early phases of pregnancy, often attributed “implantation spotting” which will mostly dry up 2-3 days after it starts...but boy does it feel like a dam just broke down there in ladyland.

Oh but wait… that’s still not even the worst part – when freshly impregnanted women develop heightened sense of smell, stronger than alleria combined with hawkeye from avengers. And everyone runs far because who wants to smell like kimchi being microwaved trapped in small spacekons?


So if you're at your wits' end TTC (Trying To Conceive), don't sweat it too much whether timing fit perfect mathematically or one drank so many cow-hormonal milkshake.

Just keep twirlin' those batons full of hope and rest easy knowing Signs of Conception can help unlock any mystery preventing baby-making success!

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