Signs of Pregnancy: How to Know for Sure

Pregnancy is a beautiful yet daunting journey, and if you're unsure whether or not you're pregnant, it can add an additional layer of anxiety. But fear not! There are plenty of signs that can indicate pregnancy, and we've got them all listed out here.

Signs of Pregnancy: How to Know for Sure

The Missed Period

The most obvious sign of pregnancy is the missed period. No more sneaking into the bathroom with a tampon up your sleeve, or anxiously counting down the days until your next menstrual cycle because once that baby's been conceived, there will be no bleeding down under anymore.

The Achy Breasts

Have your girls been feeling particularly sore lately? Tender breasts are another common symptom experienced during early pregnancy- so much so, they might start resembling medicine balls. Strap on that sports bra tight!

Nausea and Morning Sickness

Ah yes,the morning sickness…that nauseating little reminder every day that comes along with being knocked up. While it doesn't necessarily just occur in mornings (sorry), nausea can hit at any time throughout the day but don’t worry- soon enough life itself starts feeling like one big barf bag!

Food Cravings

Craving pickles & ice 3 am? Sounds about right! Unusual food cravings are also associated with hormonal changes during pregnancy which gives us license to indulge in whichever craving takes our fancy because 'baby wants what baby wants'.


Struggling to push one out - No worries its NORMAL. Become BFFs with fiber-rich foods and water as constipation becomes an unwelcomed neighbor for many expectant mothers during their gestational period.

Fatigue Overload

Growing something as substantial as a human-being naturally drains energy levels from expectant parents turning everyday tasks such as folding laundry (or even brushing hair) into an Olympic sport. Adding to the abundance of exhaustion, a low level of iron becomes one common cause of feeling lazy due to lack of oxygen flowing through the body.

Bouts Of Headaches

Expanding blood vessels coupled with heightened hormones makes headache and/or migraines a common symptom for soon-to-be parents but keep your stress levels down as it may trigger headaches resulting in trips to the pharmacy.

The Pee Stick Test

The infamous pee stick test; that little device that can turn your life around with two simple pink lines. There’s no hiding from it- these toiletries quickly become THE most important pee-sticks expectant parents will ever have in their possession.

Lower Back Pain

Due to weight distribution during pregnancy or possibly incorrect posture (especially while seated, ensure back is well supported) lower back pain can be another tell-tale sign you’ve got one brewing!

Dizziness and Fainting Spells

Throwing up isn’t enough? Sometimes faint spells come tagging on for extra fun, driven by rapid hormonal changes and reduced blood pressure which fuels imbalance within the body leaving moms struggling just getting out of bed in time let alone get through everyday tasks.

Acne & Skin Changes

Not feeling already miserable? Pregnancy causes acne so embrace plenty instances where the skin decides to act up thanks again - hormones!

Sensitivity To Smells

The previously delightful whiff from fresh laundry detergent now has you putting excess distance between people who opt for different fragrances than usual became unbearable all thanks to extremely acute sense developed

Mood Swings

Last but not least - Strap yourself because even though they're commonly tied-in with menstruating periods mood swings return aplenty causing damage control among family members as behaviour issues add-on only contributing matters further.

There's never going to be 'one size fits all' when it comes customizing signs applicable specifically into every case but if you can pick a few options among the listed ones mentioned above, it‘s recommended to head down for check-up ASAP!

Remember, every pregnancy and each experience with detecting is unique. So don’t stress on trying to force textbook symptoms (or else). At the end of the day you know your own body better than anything or anyone else so have faith while enjoying everything coming along these upcoming 9 months that’ll potentially change everything permanently!!

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