Silencing the Screams: How to Make Your Newborn Stop Crying

Babies are cute, innocent, and pure - except when they're crying. When babies cry, it's like a siren that won't shut up. It's an ear-piercing, headache-inducing scream that makes you want to pull your hair out (figuratively speaking). But don't fret! With these tips and tricks on how to silence those screams, you'll be the parent of the year in no time.

Silencing the Screams: How to Make Your Newborn Stop Crying

Understanding Why Babies Cry

Before we dive into ways to stop your newborn from crying, it's important to know why they cry in the first place.

Every Baby is Different

Some babies cry more often than others do whilst some are less fussy; this difference can depend on a number of factors such as birth weight or temperament.


The most common reason for newborns crying is hunger. If their stomach is empty or if there has not been enough milk supply during breastfeeding session then babie will start fussing until satiation!

Dirty Diapers/ Wet Nappies

This Might seem obvious but babies hate sitting in dirty diapers too long which can cause rashes irritation leading them scream.

Fatigue Just like adults babies also get tired new parents needensure that their little one getting adequate sleep so try not over stimulate before sleeping time!

Ways To Silence The Screams

Now let’s look at some ways toparents could calm down their bundle of joy:

Feeding Time

Whether breastfed or bottle-fed making sure baby gets enough food will guarantee she/he cries much much less giving her/him regular small meals instead few large ones hence keeping her/his tummy satisfied.

Burp Them Like A Boss

Babies tend swallow air bubbles thirsty feeds causing gas build-up ending uncomfortable pain resulting excessive screeching so when feeding session is over, try to burp the baby and keep them upright for a few minutes.

Swaddle Your Baby

A snug swaddle can feel like a warm hug that provides a sense of security, reminding your little one of their safe home inside mommy’s womb. Wrapping arms handedly with legs bent will hold in place providing comfort increasing sleep time reducing crying sessions.

White Noise or ASMR?

Playing ambient sounds could make all the difference. You can use white noise machines or apps which simulate environmental noises such as nature sounds, traffic background voices which give calming sensations facilitates relaxation restful sleep first months encouraging babies cry less often.

Baby Massage

Massaging oils lightly on newborn's belly whilst applying slight pressure helps to ease discomfort experienced after meals ridding excess wind making it easy for digestion enhancing peaceful nights!

Rock-A-Bye Baby:

The rhythmic swaying motion mimics the actions baby feels when still in mother's womb so tendering her/him as you hum melodic tunes calms down fussy times propelling infant into deep slumber away from screaming mode!.

When To Call The Doctor

If your newborn has consistently been crying for days without relief despite following these tips and tricks, then it may be necessary to bring in help from medic professionals ensure continued safety health of young ones especially if other symptoms have appeared leading parents worrying more about situation at hand., scheduling an appointment with paediatrician would not hurt!

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