Skin-Safe Cleaning? Is Lysol Wipes On Skin A Yes?

Are you someone who is always looking for a quick-fix to your cleaning woes? Do you often wonder if the things that are marketed as "safe" for household cleaning can actually be trusted when it comes in contact with our skin? If so, then you are not alone. In fact, many people have questions about the safety of using cleaning products on their skin. In this article, we will take a closer look at whether or not Lysol wipes are safe to use on skin.

Skin-Safe Cleaning? Is Lysol Wipes On Skin A Yes?

What Are Lysol Wipes?

For those of us who were too lazy to Google what Lysol wipes actually tipify; let me catch you up.. These badboys art simply disposable cloths designed wiwth disinfectant solutions by Lysol used primarily for surface wiping and sanitization.... Though they come in an array of fragrances like Citrus Meadows and Ocean Fresh Scent (really should stop ordering ink pens through online sources), there is no telling these fragrances may give Walt Disney's Skunk buddy 'Flower', a run for his ride..

Why Use Them On Your Skin?

For some reason I cannot wrap my head around; people everywhere just seem adamant about finding uses beyond specified purposes mentioned on product manual... But unlike blindly trying out black outfits beneath white powdery stuff knowing fully well it'll stain, this one seems legitimate. Now having knowledge of these anti-germ drenched wonders - It only make sense if we own a pack or two!

Picture coming back from grocery shopping after lockdown ease lifts feeling completely exposed leaving behind items which might have sneaky virus germs hiding within surfaces such as keys,jars and glistening fruit skins.All anxiety rises high after discarding every clothing worn outside including shoes.Yet later feel free running cheek direction against unwashed hands forgetting how delicate facial skin really is.Powdered black masks meandering around your cheeks have to come to way right?, like a trusted top-tier servant using white fine muslin cloth our mothers swore by.Lysol wipes seen within reach must then beg the question "Is it safe for use on my skin?"

Lysol Wipes On Skin - A Big No!

Let us clear up any confusion right off the bat – Lysol wipes are not meant to be used on skin. Like seriously, they aren't! The company’s website clearly states that these products are intended for hard and non-porous surfaces only. This means that you should not under any circumstances use them on your body, face or as feminine hygiene products.

Lysol disinfecting wipes contain substances like alcohol and bleach, which can lead to irritation and damage if used directly on skin. Let's just say if assuming you decide go go another way, "anal bleaching'' may soon become a thing of the past ;but you end up looking like a wilted cabbage afterwords..You don’t want chemical burns or rashes caused by unsuitable equipment now do you? After all , there will be no skincare companies drawing inspiration from snail mucus (yep snaillll) in this case you'll merely look slimy.

Moreover,since multiple brands with same cleaning goal exist;countless proven methods reveal eco-friendly approach towards sanitizing done without posing potential harm towards everyone concerned.I mean Sustainable lifestyle has been quite trendy lately isn't it? Why let social climbers laugh behind during superficial conversations when they find out despite being one,you act heedlessly while subjecting self toward unseen risks ? Keep yourself significant!

So What Should You Use Instead?

We understand how tempting it is sometimes just pull an Alex Russo move (taking shortcuts through wickedness), but trust us guys; sticking with “clean & green” alternatives are worth it.... Do not lose sleep over having fewer options! There loads of natural cleaning alternatives that do the job just as well without harming you or your precious skin. Some worthy mentions include:

Vinegar Solution

Vinegar solution is known to be an all-purpose cleaner, and a great alternative to disinfectants such as Lysol wipes. To make this solution, simply mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle, then shake well before use.

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Another great option to keep in mind is hydrogen peroxide solution; Known for its antiseptic properties and low chance of harm.. Pour into a dark coloured spray bottle & reuse until empty providing required sanitizing benefits exactly where needed!

Soap/De- Greasers

If your goal leans towards oil busting works of Dawn dish soap than solving minor issues with liquid may always dilute cleansing products like Castile based soaps.These organic wash-off solutions will clean any item given proper amount of time and action.When mixing these soapy beauty's with hot water alongside oils familiar from DIY-scrubs can lead to genius double effect product we ourselves created! ( Hint? ; hint funny enough - this Pina colada pine floor sryup sounding formula would mark both house maintenance plus personal hygiene goals simultaneously)

In Conclusion...

To cut long story short – No, you should not use Lysol wipes on your skin unless you’d like some painful chemical burns as souvenirs.The immediate need for human interaction once lockdown restrictions permit does not justify carelessness seen at home.There are plenty other non-toxic methods out there which remain evergreen trustworthy found effective involving no body harm.You matter too much to yourself beautiful one.Remember!! It’s better safe than sorry 🙂

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