Sky High Risks? Flying During Pregnancy

Ah, pregnancy! The time when your feet swell like balloons, you have cravings for pickles and ice-cream (together or separately), and everyday activities become a marathon. But what happens if you need to take a flight while pregnant? Is it safe to fly with another human being growing inside of you? Here's everything you need to know before taking off.

Sky High Risks? Flying During Pregnancy

When To Fly And When Not To Fly

First things first - flying during the first trimester is usually considered safe. The second trimester is also fine for most women. However, the third trimester can be tricky, as many airlines may not allow expectant mothers onboard due to risks of premature labour or complications at high altitudes.

If your doctor has given you the go-ahead, here are some other factors that can help determine whether it's safe or not:

Timing Of Your Flight

Just like wine and cheese get better with age but this might not happen in case of babies so my advice would be getting on board soon enough than later since earlier than 36 weeks reduces chances of urgent delivery mid-air!

Duration And Destination Of Your Flight

The longer your flight duration or distance factor significantly increases the probability of experiencing risks such as blood clots especially during COVID season when all attempts often used from compressing stockings.

Pregnancy Complications Or Risk Factors

Complications are no joke whether its within air borders or out. If any prior history exists such episodes preterm labor,kidney infection ,Diabetes type I/II should keep flying an option based on thorough clinical assessment only.

Before You Board: Precautions Needed For A Safe Flight

There are several precautions that moms-to-be must take before boarding their flight:

Consult With Your Doctor First

Irrespective whether seeking medication slightly changing lifestyle habits such as walking,pregnancy belt usage(drinking sufficient water) you should double check with your doctor for recommendation.

Plan Your Dates Around The Flight

When it comes to planning a trip, sometimes the timing may end up flying in the face of caution often creating confusion.Travel only on roundtrips as coupled with return date keeps peace even now via virtual tools like skype or online meetings!

Choose A Comfortable Seat

Chances are high that by the 5th month you ain’t comfortable anywhere.Seat choice is worth revisiting ensure comfort while not jeopardizing mobility such as one near emergency exits. If using pillow/blanket try bringing them along!

Common Risks And How To Avoid Them

Gone are days when Pregnancy used to be seen as some life-threatening complication/circumstance,, however, certain precautions must still be taken seriously:

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Sudden swelling,pain and discomfort around calf? avoid ignoring those symptoms whilst simultaneously ensuring mobile capabilities including stretching espcially on long-haul flights eradicating potential immobilization risks which causes DVT culminating complications.

Radiation Exposure

Although no definitive evidence has been shown to reflect radiation impacts causing any danger whatsoever,during pregnancy utmost care counts.Better safe than sorry so Reconsider work demands which require repeating travel if possible keeping exposure at low minimums can't hurt right?


Flying during pregnancy is indeed manageable/moderate level difficulty yet comprehensively organized trips save from unwanted surprises!Risks come attached,you just need minimal effort meeting criteria recommended within this article; ultimately minimizing risk that will make sure flights will leave mothers-to-be far better off giving little angels first flight simulations..('not substantial data-backed').

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