Sleeping While Pregnant: Which Side is Best?

Ah, pregnancy! That glorious period in a woman's life where she gets to experience morning sickness, backaches, and swollen ankles. And let's not forget constantly having to pee, even though the baby is still the size of a peanut.

Sleeping While Pregnant: Which Side is Best?

As if all that isn't bad enough, pregnant women also have to deal with the age-old question: which side should I sleep on? It seems like such a simple thing, but as any expectant mother will tell you, it can be downright confusing. Well fear not my fellow mama-to-be's because we've got you covered.

Why sleeping position matters

First things first - why does your sleeping position matter when you're pregnant? Well aside from being able to breathe more easily and not die (which are both pretty good reasons), there are actually some important health benefits too!

Improved circulation

Sleeping on your left side is recommended for pregnant women because it improves blood flow and allows nutrients and oxygen to reach the placenta more efficiently. This means better nourishment for your growing little one!

Reduced heartburn

If you're feeling that all-too-familiar burning sensation in your chest after eating dinner (thanks again pregnancy hormones!), sleeping on your left side can help reduce acid reflux symptoms.

Better kidney function

Getting cozy on your left side also helps take pressure off of your kidneys so they can do their job more effectively. Our bodies truly are miraculous machines!

So which side should I choose?

Now that we know why our sleeping position matters during pregnancy let's figure out exactly which side we should be snoozing on every night. There are pros and cons of each option so it really depends on what works best for you. Let's dive in:

Left Side

Pros: - Improves blood flow - Helps alleviate heartburn - Enhances overall kidney function - Encourages optimal fetal growth

Cons: - Can cause shoulder or hip pain

Right Side

Pros: - May reduce risk of stillbirth - Relieves pressure on liver when sleeping - Reduces snoring and sleep apnea in some cases - Great for people who always slept on their right side pre-pregnancy

Cons: - Backpain is associated with this position. -Hindered blood flow compared to left-sided sleeping

Stomach Sleeping

Pros: -Often preferred before the pregnancy because a specific spot brought much comfort.

- Literally impossible to do once you have a sizable bump (sorry ladies!) - Putting unnecessary pressure on your baby bump may stimulate contractions or complications.

Tips for Comfortable Sleep During Pregnancy

We know, we know... even if you've picked what seems like the perfect sleep position during your pregnancy, at times nothing seems comfortable! Here are a few tips that should help improve your chances of getting some decent shuteye:

  1. Invest in a good quality mattress and pillows specifically designed for pregnant women. Your bed should be supportive while also offering ample amounts of cushioning—nobody likes waking up sore!

  2. Add extra pillows underneath various parts depending where one feels more elevated support could be useful.

  3. Avoid eating large meals before bed time because digestion can take longer than expected with the lack physical activity which would eventually lead to discomfort.

  4. Cut down fluid intake particularly two hours before bedtime to avoid multiple trips at night due frequent urination.

5.Relaxation techniques such as reading, listening serene music etc., will help lull oneself into relaxed state making it easier for maternal rest.


As expectant mothers will attest, there's not just one "right" way to sleep while being pregnant — everything comes down to individual preferences and medical conditions which makes sleeping well during this phase even more important. The benefits of focusing on the left side cannot be overstated, but at the end of day, a good night’s sleep could simply be choosing either sides that works best for you and your growing baby

Sweet dreams! (If Baby allows it)

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