Smash Your Cake Dreams: Where to Buy The Perfect Smash Cake

If you're planning a first birthday party, then you are no stranger to the smash cake phenomenon. Now, I'm not talking about smashing your face into an actual cake (unless that's your thing), but rather feeding it to your little one and letting them have at it. But with so many options available in the market, where do you begin? Fear not, my friend! In this article, we'll dive into all things "smash", from choosing the right style of cake to finding reliable sources for purchasing your dream dessert!

Smash Your Cake Dreams: Where to Buy The Perfect Smash Cake

The Different Types of Smash Cakes

Before starting your search for the perfect smash cake, let's examine some popular styles that will fit flawlessly with any theme.

Classic Vanilla or Chocolate Flavor

Let us just start by saying - never underestimate classic vanilla or chocolate flavor. These timeless classics offer flexibility when it comes to decorating and topping choices while ensuring every bite is packed full of deliciousness.

Customized Design

Go ahead baker extraordinaire. You can customize a small version of any special occasion-themed cake design (Are those edible flowers on top?!) to make sure baby looks as cute as ever taking their first messy bite.


Why stop at only one portion size when cupcakes exist? Not only do they pack similar flavor profiles as traditional cakes (minus having exposed buttercream layers) but also lend better serving sizes if hosting events in public settings such as parks and other outdoor areas.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Bakery Source For Your Dream Lotus Flower Pound Cake

Now that we’ve covered various types of cakes suitable for accompanying tiny hands smashes everywhere; here are factors worth considering before choosing where to order:

Delivery Options

Some bakeries rest assured transport offerings cover all basics — think curbside pick up services, local delivery via preferred third-party carriers (Postmates or DoorDash), and even in-house delivery services within a specific range.

Availability On Short Notice

As we all know, life happens. Today your child loves tractors, but tomorrow they may have moved onto succulent-themed celebrations. A reliable bakery contact available on short notice eliminates stress when it comes to making last-minute changes (I mean really - who just have one favorite thing these days???).

Available Flavors And Customization Offerings

From buttercream frosting flavors to cake batters to edible decorations options(yum colorful sprinkles - yes please!), you do not want a limited selection holding back perfect party ideas! Let's find something unusual that stands out from the crowd!


When considering what smash cake dreams could run overall costs up for other sugar-filled goodies, price matters (Someone stop me before I buy five cakes instead of two)! It is essential always to assess bakeries' pricing structure against market rates using comparable products.

Our Top Picks: Where To Buy The Perfect Smash Cake

Now that we’ve explored different types of smash cakes and considered how to pick the best bakery source let’s dive into our top picks!

Baker Delivery Customization Options Flavor Pricing
La Patisserie Both/In-House Buttery layers of flavor Lavender Lemon $25+
Sugarplum Cake Shop In-House only Chocolate Hazelnut $35+
Miette Buttercream Mascarpone Blend strawberry

La Patisserie

With keto and paleo Madagascar Vanilla bean, Lavender Lemon and green tea or blueberry options (I mean, are they trying to make choosing difficult for us?) make this bakery our top pick. This artisanal bakeshop doubles as a delivery service in-house with consistent rave reviews on their smash cakes.

Sugarplum Cake Shop

Their chocolate hazelnut smash cake layers of doughy goodness combined with an exuberant amount of meringue-based buttercream; ultimately describe the perfect treat! The relatively low-cost price accompanied by its “ made in house (not purchased) ” ingredients raves all over social media about their yummy treats!

Miette Pattisserie

Our final choice is at Miette Pastry within San Francisco limits ( sorry non-California residents but we had to share popular choices from our home state). Think French pastry meeting fresh local fruits topped off homemade ice cream -- like dreams do come true!

Additional Tips To Make Your Smash Cake Event Extraordinary

Now that you have the perfect Bakeshop source let's move onto some additional tips for smashing success

Prepare For A Mess

By nature, smash cakes get messy so embrace it will be tough if not impossible-(You can't really blame them-digging into any kind of dessert - their natural instinct after all!)

Optimize Photography Space And Lighting Positioning

A beautiful location and spacious enough with good lightning allow you capture your little one’s precious moments without stressing out.

Utilize Adorable Linens/Props If Needed

Customizing props adds unique elements giving beautiful photo ops — think oversized balloons/paper decor/photo frames

Finally Congratulations—you now officially thrive when it comes to purchasing any style/smashable baked goods. Smashing success when shopping near future catering needs – oh wait, just toddlers birthday parties? OK got it - smash cake-making the dream a reality!

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