Softening Your Cervix: Tips and Tricks

The cervix is a part of the female reproductive system that plays a critical role in pregnancy. The structure of the cervix determines how easily sperm can enter the uterus, which affects your chances of getting pregnant.

Softening Your Cervix: Tips and Tricks

If you're hoping to get pregnant soon or struggling with fertility issues, it's important to understand how to soften your cervix. In this article, we'll explore tips and tricks for softening your cervix naturally.

Understanding the Cervical Structures

Before delving into tips and tricks, it is essential first to have an understanding of cervical structures.

Cervical Consistency

A healthy cervix has two main components; consistency or firmness level (soft, medium or hard) which changes over time depending on age as well as hormonal activity) and position (high/low during menstrual cycle).


Is used only at term pregnancy i.e delivery where effacement denotes “thinning out” before actual opening up-the dilation- which allows passage for fetal head through birth canal .


Determining if os(cervical mouth )is open –no vaginal walls covering-around middle-finger tip when trying Valsalva manoeuvre is crucial especially in labour situation.

Using Certain Foods To Soften The Cervix

You may not know it yet but some foods help prioritize cervical softness; here are some worthy mentions:

  • Pineapple - contains bromelain enzyme believed to aid cervical ripening

  • Dates - high content Vitamin K helps making sure healthy contracting fit labor more likely,

  • Leafy Greens-leads PBM-rich nutrients required multiple tissues including soft-tissue healing e.g colecalciferol known vital role bone health)

  • Hot Spices-not all hot spices! Nourishing nutmeg gently expands blood vessels increasing circulation encouraging muscle relaxation

So if you’ve been trying to conceive, don’t just sit there stuffing your face with junk all day. Add these cervical-softening foods to your diet for that sweet bod and a soft cervix too.

Indulging in Sexual Activity

Ladies, I am going to give it to you straight up: Your cervix needs some action too. So get squeaky fun by indulging in some boost-your-pregnancy-odds sex from top of the hopper position (i.e., woman-on-top) . Best believe this causes uterine contractions which helps soften that doughnut-shaped passage.

Plus, with better blood flow around so many areas down below during sex:

‘Come’ along way into treating yourself right…oops! That’s actually some more bodily humor 😂

Haven't You Tasted Some Kind Of Kinky Fetish For Life?

Surprise surprise ! Research shows( 1).that having any kind of sexual activity starting from weeks 35 onwards increases risk of spontaneous onset labor; how do i put it naturally without you feeling self-conscious at bed when the times comes-gynecologists orders!

Oh well!

No need for shyness-just jump on topboard!

In addition; With increased sperm deposited closer through vaginal wall one earns extra points-courtesy-of-prostaglandins. This hormone aids expeditious softening allowing delivery somewhat easier.

And thou knowest what they say about happy mummy – happy baby. Just dust off your moves and make sure everything keeps getting sweeter all round!

## Employing Herbal Supplements

‍There are several herbal options on offer next in our list they include:

Evening Primrose Oil(EPO)

Relatively affordable and widely available,even Google knows it's popular amongst pregnant women(Ever heard WebMD quoting Wikipedia?). Their bioactive constituents help stimulate prostaglandin production.

You can seek the advice of a trusted herbalist, registered dietitian or nursing professional about finding suitable supplements that work for you.

Ease Your Stress

We know-and so does your cervix-that stress and anxiety levels play large role in how your body functions. Chronic tension affects circulation which leads to cervical sensitivity hence takes time healing –eventual vaginal delivery however hard.

Yeah right; And this is coming from someone who loves being stressed huh?

The message remains clear-eliminate some external pressure and let yourself distress even if little moments; be it taking a walk down memory lane reading self-help books catching up with close friends prior (remember Obong-it’s been ages since y'all spoke!).

A Sports Routine May Help

Exercise, as we all know, plays an essential role in overall health promotion. Resistance exercise routine strengthens pelvic muscles offering ample support reducing likelihood postpartum episiotomy requiring remarkable recovery period-after given timeframe.

Bottom-line-exercise rates above zero!

Moreover walking about during contractions shorter labor duration far fewer cases needing inductions lesser chances of surgical intervention(testimonies appropriate)

Add regular pelvis-strengthening workouts exercises such as Kegels on top . Believe me when I say they make sitting through meetings less burdensome too.


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