Soothe Your Baby’s Tummy Troubles: What to Give for Constipation

Babies can be such a pain sometimes, especially when they are constipated. You might have tried everything in the book to get things moving down there, and yet your poor baby is still struggling. But don't worry, there are a few tricks up our sleeves that just might do the trick.

The Scoop on Infant Constipation

Constipation in infants can occur for many reasons. Sometimes it's because of what they eat, other times it's due to dehydration or illness. Whatever the cause may be – just know that if you see little rabbit pellets instead of nice soft poops coming out of your sweetie pie – then he/she is probably constipated.

How Often Should Your Infant Poop?

Forget about politics and religion; an infant’s bowel movements are hands down one of the most talked-about subjects amongst parents groups! It seems like every mother has an opinion on how often their infant "should" poop. However, as annoying as these opinions may seem at times, having a general idea of what’s right will save you (and possibly your babe) from unnecessary anxiety. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Newborn babies should pass at least three black tar-like stools per day during their first week after birth .
  • By the end of the second week , normal bowel habits should have started to develop . Now 1-2 stools per day or even every other day generally suffices .

But remember babies grow independently and each child will follow their own pattern, so don’t stress yourself out comparing your nipper with others.

Good News - Most Cases Are Mild!

One thing that moms and dads need not fret over too much….most cases tend to be mild.By making small adjustments here and there ,you reduce any discomforts faced by junior.For cases which persist over 4 weeks long or which present other concerning symptoms, report this to your pediatrician.

Causes of Constipation and Solutions

Let's take a look at some possible causes of infant constipation and solutions that may work for you.


When babies don't get enough liquid going through their system, they can become quite blocked up, resulting in harder poops. While all fluids are great for keeping baby hydrated, breastmilk is the best type of fluid as it moves easily through the body due to its bioactive components. So if your babe is not already on full milk diet ,increase intake slightly .Another way is trying watered down Pedialyte .

Iron Fortified Formula Woes

Iron fortified formulas have been linked to poop issues in infants.What happens here is that iron sorta acts like glue…binding everything together.This results in hard stools being passed by babies.After arrival home from hospital within 3-4 days’ newborns should start pooping soft brown-yellow almost seedy stools.If any deviation from this be sure talk with pediatrician .

Eat That Fiber-Filled Foodstuff Baby!

Maybe junior is ready to consume solids now …yay! This would mean providing new face expressions as he tries out something squishy firm for the first time.Excitement might build until he starts experiencing discomfort afterwards.This could happen because solid fiber content was introduced too quickly or there isn’t balance between what has been eaten before and those exciting new morsels. Ensure that your baby gets a balanced meal including fibrous material.Consult with doctor nutritionist especially if you want include vegetables such carrots,sweet potato,pumpkin,melons among others .

Massage-The Perfect Solution

Some people think massage therapy died eons ago.Highly unlikely! Infant massage specifically helps soothe/treat common health issues seen daily.It’s even known get things moving down under.Massage your baby's tummy in a clockwise motion with your fingertips.Abdominal tension should reduce to near null and thus improve movement of stool.

Home Remedies

If not interested in over-the-counter options for you infant’s constipation,quiet waivers are still available.Here are some:

Prune Juice

The reason prune juice has been on this earth is specifically for assisting an individual who needs aid staving off constipation.Owing to fiber content found within lots of just two ounces mixed into water would help getting junior’s systems moving.

Another Fruit Fix-Pears

Requiring less sugar and more vitamins than regular apple sauce (diluted) might offer.Try pears instead!Providing pears free from skin reduces inflammation; therefore softens up difficult poop making it easier move through the colon.Pear puree also acts as an effective measurement against developing common problems when babies consume solids initially ,including colic.

Olive Oil-Not Just For Gourmet Meal Preparation.

Italian food connoisseurs easily spot olive oil on supermarket shelves.However, unknown function its ability loosen stools.Combining teaspoon or two into todays only meal assists constant bowel movements.Don’t kid yourself by giving another spoonful this evening if no immediate relief-this isn't ideal.It can only make things worse-doctors don’t approve so neither do we!

When to Contact Your Physician

At times minor cases could be addressed at home.Other times infants suffering severe stomach ache symptoms requires expert care.In view of such events,take note/remember symptoms which would require contacting medical personnel.This includes; Blood after bowel moments & persistent bleeding Failure pass stool for 1 week+(after 4 weeks respectively) Body temperature rises unexpectedly
Baby throw up or develops other unusual symptoms .

However,if nothing else works, then seeing a pediatrician is always the best option. It may seem like a minor issue, but it's always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to your baby’s health.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, constipation can be a tricky problem for both parents and infants. There isn't any one remedy that will work for every baby; you just have to try different things until you find something that works. Just remember – patience is key in these situations. Hopefully this article has provided some useful information on what could work for your little darling.By observing the poo patterns,determining root cause(s) then you would happily wave good bye tummy troubles.I hope all goes well with next week's diaper changes!

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