Soothe Your Infant: 6-Month-Old Constipation Fixes

Ah, the joys of parenthood. From changing dirty diapers to waking up at odd hours and trying not to lose your marbles when soothing a crying infant, there's never a dull moment.

Soothe Your Infant: 6-Month-Old Constipation Fixes

However, things can get even crazier when you have a constipated baby on your hands. Not only is it uncomfortable for them, but it can also make them cranky and irritable (as if they needed another reason!).

If your little one is struggling with constipation, don't fret! Here are some tips that will help you alleviate their pain and get things flowing again.

Understanding Baby Constipation

Before we dive into the solutions though, let's first establish what exactly constitutes as constipation in babies.

According to doctors, if an infant does not pass stools for more than three days or has trouble pooping consistently over a week or so then it could be classified as chronic constipation. They may show signs like straining while passing stool or passing hard stools less frequently.

The Causes of Baby Constipation

There are different causes of baby constipation. You just need patience in finding out which one it could be:

Diet Changes

A sudden switch from breast milk formula/milk - whether due to mothers' flow changes or using new brands - can cause digestion problems resulting in bowel blockage.


When kids naturally want water but do not consume enough liquid for body function leads to dehydration causing difficulty in softening faeces ready for passage through intestines


Always read prescriptions carefully because drugs such anti antibiotics could irritate stomach lining and lead to harder stools

Intrinsically held pattern

Some children learn involuntary holding patterns from potty training methods interweaved within child-rearing lessons by parents/ nannies.

Comforting Techniques For Infantile Constipation

Now that you know what causes your baby's constipation trail, let's provided some tactics you can use to help relieve their discomfort.

1. Massage

Yes! Babies enjoy massages too (Who wouldn't?). Use warm olive oil or coconut oil and gently massage the baby’s belly in a clockwise pattern specifically around stomach causing relief of tummy pressure from build up gas which could have triggered constipated reaction.

2. Hydrate

Keep water temperature lukewarm/at room temperature for better absorption of fluids into body instead of colder liquids preventing vomiting allowing less resistance for food movement through intestines!!

3. Tummy Time

Encourage them by laying down with pillows placement positioning hips/ legs upward as he/she tries looking at friendly images promoting balance training to reduce straining

Food/Medicine Intervention For Constipation In Infants

Trying out different possible dietary changes/ liquid medication forms may be helpful for bowel stimulation so here are some ideas:


Soft fruits like plums peaches pears avocados could provide fiber rich diet helping stool breakage apart facilitating effortless passage.


Small quantities cherry juice pear/apple juice mixed creatively will loosen stools enhancing softening strength when used in moderation

Other foods especially really gooey examples like porridge, yoghurt or mashed potatoes can also significantly aid bowel release efforts tremendously effective where needed though busy mummies beware not every meal consumed should be varied.

Medications containing lactulose is safe only if consensually approved speaking with professional medical experts before usage is key. Dosages vary according to age group hence pediatricians recommendation is recommended first!

And then there's always Gripe Water - one wonder weapon against all the gassy encounters babies face!


Infantile constipation isn't ideal but now you are armed with knowledge on how to unleash efficacy in reducing its occurrence in your baby's life.

From dietary modifications to different methods of toxin removal with the aim of loosening kept-down lumps, these tips are your best bet to soothe your crying magic bean without losing too many precious hours of sleep yourself.

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