Soothe Your Little One: Natural Ways to Relieve Teething Pain in Babies

Are you tired of listening to your little one cry all night long due to teething pain? Fear not, because we are here to save the day! In this article, we will be discussing some natural ways that can help soothe your baby's sore gums and make them feel better. From chilled fruits and vegetables to organic remedies, we've got it all covered.

Soothe Your Little One: Natural Ways to Relieve Teething Pain in Babies

What is Teething?

Before diving into how you can relieve teething pain naturally, let's first understand what exactly teething is. In simple terms, It’s a process where a baby’s first set of teeth starts coming out between 4-12 months old which often results in discomfort such as irritability, drooling or disturbed sleep patterns.

Teeth buds start developing when babies are still inside their mother's womb but typically break through their gums around six months of age for most infants with the lower front teeth being the first ones followed by the upper front teeth after a few weeks.

It may sound like an exciting milestone for parents but those tiny teeth trying hard push through flesh will cause discomfort for children who have no other way besides crying/irritability/letting people know they're unhappy about it.

Symptoms of Teething

One moment your baby might seem happy leaving parents believing - "Pheww..we made it". But wait! Watchout all moms & dads , symptoms could strike fast.The next moment mood may suddenly shift flipping back from smiling Sophie/Sawyerto fussy Frank/Francesca .These sudden shifts serve as signs.Therefore if you observe these ups-and-downs realize that something might be off balance with regard to teething.

Disruptive Sleeping Patterns Sleeping is essential routine for our human battery health.Troublesome teething symptoms could often lead to disruptive sleeping schedule in babies.Sleep is must to reduce crankiness and aid growth process.

Drooling Babies have a tendency of drooling a lot when they're going through the teething phase.Sometimes babies tend to suck on their fingers which can cause skin irritation on their face.

Chewing/Biting everything If your little one suddenly started biting/chewing/mouthing non-food items such as toys or even furniture it’s likely due to sore teeth.They’re coping mechanisms baby's dealing with discomfort.Infants will be trying every possible way out - including chewing mom’s or dad’s finger!

Swollen Red Gums Infants might experience swelling, redness or inflammation over the gum region i.e where new tooth trying hard mounds into flesh called eruption.The gums swells leading emerging teeth surrounded by pulsating veins causing mild bleeding at time

Natural ways to relieve the Pain

Now that you know what teething is and how it affects babies let's move onto the natural ways you can help soothe your little one's pain. We strongly suggest using any method with care and caution only after consulting pediatrician . Different approaches work for different children thus examining various methods before settling down with one just makes sense 🙂

1) Chilled Fruits/ Vegetables

Using chilled fruits & vegetables serves two purposes.One,nutritional content helps strengthen immune system making them ready for battle whilst reducing the inflammation during this period.Secondly chilled food numbs affected area decreasing overall pain.Checkout below our team favorites:

  • Frozen Banana Pieces: thick-skinned fruit dries naturally helping those tiny frozen pieces within 15 minutes.

  • Cucumber Wedges :resembling outer gum shape (only chill),a versatile vegetable ,helpful sweet relief.Tip use thin slices

  • Carrot Sticks/Celery : Helpful crunchy veggies - These have easy-to-hold shapes and tastes providing relief.furthermore carrots are high in Vitamin A.

Protip: Always keep a close eye on what baby’s gnawing, throw them away after few uses to avoid food poisoning.

2) Amber Necklace

You may have seen moms dressing up their babies with amber necklaces during this painful phase.Essentially amber is extracted natural tree resin which over time starts releasing oil.THis oil gets absorbed into the bloodstream once necklace arrives contact to skin thus reducing inflammation.

Others believe that They work because when released from body oils, something called succinic acid keeps tummies feeling happy , improves immunity and lessens teething symptoms overall. Always check quality of stones before investing your dollars.

caution: This item needs attached vigilance under adult supervision

3) Aloe Vera Ice Cubes/Teether Pads

Aloe vera has multiple healing properties from soothing skin inflammation or sunburns.Thatcool sensation helps numb out gum pain as well.Make sure you use organic/well-washed leaves.Strip off ends using peeler,cut rest without thorns.Pour cubes tray by inserting tiny amount gel in pouch.Wean it then ! Ta Da! 😄you got home customized teether pads.

4) Chamomile Tea

Sipping little chamomile tea not only makes senses for calming anxious nerves but also serves best purpose for your babies.Few drops/sips help soothe painful gums.It contains an active ingredient - Bisabolol helpful over constipation & gas.Again consult pediatrician😉( no guessing game).

5) Brush those teeth/gums😨

Hold Your Horses!!!!!! Don’t run just yet ,we know its might sound strange but massaging gums will calm down the fragile situation.Ideally sooth swollen gums using wet cloth/Konjac sponge or (concrete teether tool)to de-clutter gum line.Personally, my daughter seems to love electric toothbrush on the swollen gums I know odd guarantee ,always infant brush less than 10 seconds.


When it comes to relieving your little one's teething pain naturally, there are plenty of options available.While natural remedies don't necessarily work for everyone,you just might find the perfect solution you’ve been seeking.Its recommended keeping medical professional in loop while undergoing these helpful tea/food combos. So go ahead and try out some of these natural methods but remember, every baby is different so have patience 🙂

'Baby Abc' - A Quick Recap

  • Always consult with pediatrician before embarking on any journey
  • Biting anything within reach means they’re dealing discomfort
  • Crying at night can be sign too🤷‍♀️
  • Don’t wait until last minute get a game plan going
  • Eat nutritious foods will help build strong immune support
  • Fidgeting doesn’t always mean looking sparkly new toy .


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