Sore Nipples and Milk Supply: Foes or Friends?

Ouch! You might think breastfeeding is supposed to be easy as pie. Spoiler alert: it's not! Breastfeeding can conjure up images of utopia with a sleeping baby, but the reality can be far from it, especially if you're dealing with sore nipples that leave you crying in agony when your little one latches on.

Sore Nipples and Milk Supply: Foes or Friends?

Moreover, any new mother that has breastfed her child knows the importance of a healthy milk supply. But what happens when these two important aspects - sore nipples and milk supply- start clashing against each other? Are they foes or friends?

In this article, we delve deep into answering this tricky question using our sense of humor to help raise awareness about an essential topic facing many mothers who want their babies On-the-tap (OTT)!

What causes Soreness in the First Place?

Soreness primarily occurs due to incorrect latch which is way easier said than done!!!, and there are numerous factors behind why a baby may not latch correctly including: - Tongue/lip tie - Flat nipple - Engorgement - Positioning

Not forgetting swollen spider veins also known as “mammary duct ectasia” which undoubtedly look like The Hulk-Pram emerging out of your chest only for you to find out later are harmless.

But regardless of its cause(s), nipple pain should never discourage you from taking up breastfeeding entirely unless otherwise advised by certified professionals only.

So How Do We Deal With It Then?

If labeling these situations “inevitable" scares you off more than being stuck inside an elevator with nothing but the unfortunate scent of leftover fish then let us clarify that there are always ways around them. For instance:

Experimentation Goes A Long Way!

Until both parties involved (you & baby) master the art of latching that is, you might need to experiment with different positions such as laid back nursing or holding your baby asymmetrically instead of cradling them.

A lot Depends on the Art

Make sure that your little one has their mouth open wide before latching. Otherwise, their lips are likely to only graze the nipple because a growing mind not yet having mastered the art tends to think this will do! When in reality it won't.

A Warm Heart == A Happy Breast

You can use a warm compress immediately after feeding sessions for around 20 minutes alternatively by using moist heat (warm washcloth). It helps relax muscles and increase blood flow in the area without you having to scream ~for ice cream~ every time someone dares come close enough to kiss/hug you.

And Now Onto Our Friends!

The next issue confronting moms who prefer natural feed over formulae is how sore nipples ever coexist beside good milk supply?

Trust us, just like Ross and Rachel were “on-a-break '' milk-flow too follows its own set of rules.

Typically speaking ample supply minimizes storage capacity filled at any given hour leading excess production resulting from breastfeeding longer than needed which results in breast engorgement increasing tenderness hence eventually being intertwined with soreness at times. Also, when frustrated new mothers more often than not resort to pumping during these painful phases unintentionally expanding existing milk supply levels.

What Can We Do About It?

We’ve established so far that excessive accumulation of milk inside our breasts functions quite well as frenemies leading itself towards nipple tenderness – but what’s even scarier? Finding potentially infinite information about how X Y Z made all my problems go away!

So let's address some popular ways women may attempt at managing both overly stocked & pained situations:

Pump Away Your Woes?

Contrary ~~to precepts~~, pumping exclusively during overflow pain phases only adds to increase supply leading to an even more prolonged soreness phase.

Manual + Cloth = Relief

Manual breast expression, reducing time spent wearing underwire bras and opting for soft cloth ones in combination with feeding from one side then switching over to the other the next round of feedings along with gentle massage have seemed best at comforting physically distanced torments.

Does Pumping Regularly Help With Supply Then?

Every mother’s body responds differently but consciously staying mindful of your body’s demands & training towards regulating yourself is likely to help you achieve a balance. Since too much milk will make discomfort peak once again resulting in raised levels of estrogen in both males and females which leads our brain on a wild goose chase & heightens nerve sensitivity processing pain signals further.

Bottom Line

Although mothers who’ve opted out have myriad reasons often attached to sore nipples running category alongside decreased milk supply – it doesn’t battle so bad as long as we can understand its complex chemistry rooted within us! So don't pressurize yourself into giving up even during excruciating paint through applying what's personally comfortable to you.

Strain On Mental Health During These Situations

Let's admit it: Babies are unpredictable little bundles of joy (or otherwise) - stressing them out less by grasping onto alternative solutions directed at breastfeeding challenges is fair but transforming resentment across each other isn't!

Therefore timely intervention from professional care practitioners topped off with family/friends support channels creates opportunity aimed at facilitating emotional reinforcement when times like these do come around instead of perceiving every aspect that goes against nursing normally as entirely Your Fault.

In conclusion, let's try not to get bogged down by numbers/aesthetics while enjoying the pure sense of touch through nourishing tiny humans growing steadily daily. Remember- Nobody said this would be easy ~perhaps some people did~ , but if millions have successfully broken barriers way before us why can't we as well?

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