Spin control: How to manage dizziness during pregnancy

Congratulations! You are expecting little Voldemort, Katniss or even a baby Yoda. Pregnancy brings about lots of changes and challenges in your body, one of them being dizziness. It's definitely not amusing when you feel like the world is spinning just as much as Jerry Garcia’s merry-go-round.

Spin control: How to manage dizziness during pregnancy

But don’t worry love, we have got you covered (wink!) In this article, we will delve into what causes vertigo during pregnancy and how you can manage it without feeling discombobulated.

What is Dizziness During Pregnancy?

Dizziness described as lightheadedness or unstable balance is very common among expectant mothers. Medical experts describe it as an illusion that objects around us are moving/rotating/tilting while they aren't actually doing any such thing – which yeah - creeps me out too!

This feeling typically occurs in the first trimester due to hormonal changes where your blood pressure drops causing diminished blood flow to your brain but can occur throughout gestation.

Don’t worry; this should dissipate by the third trimester unless something else serious might be going on – indicating some foetal clowning around going on-spending hours on heads!

So why do our senses tend to failus more often than Pervez Musharraf planning a coup? Well loves get ready for some juicy details because here comes physiology at its best:

  • Hypotension: As stated earlier,the hormone progesterone relaxes smooth muscles resulting in dilating veins leading to decreased blood pressure.

  • Anemia : Hemoglobin levels naturally decrease during pregnancy due increased volume water pool (Scientific term please). Blood helps with circulation leading oxygen supply available hence if Hb level decreases so does Oxygen delivery leading totiresomeness aka Jalsa Syndrome!

  • Dehydration: Lack of water can absolutely make one dizzy, so ensure you sip on water all day long (Yes! All Day!)

  • Hyperventilation: As your lungs increase their workload breathing for two human beings, rapid deep breaths or irregular breathing pattern increases leading to sudden dizziness. (Let’s just pretend you were cardio training at this moment)

Good news babezillas – most vertigo during pregnancy isn't severe enough that requires immediate medical intervention. Keeping yourself hydrated and feeding regularly is often sufficient in relieving symptoms.

Here are a few tips we have prepared while drinking Peach Bellini (Note: We highly recommend alcohol-free drinks)-

Stay well-hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids

Maintaining good hydration status will be beneficial not only for preventing uterine contractions but also dizziness as dehydration lowers blood volume slowing oxygen supply hence giving birth certainly looks like something from a horror movie!

If H2OH sounds boring then have some coconut Water which highly popular during pregnancy due mineral content which helps regulate proper fluid balance in bodies aka Electrolytes - Thanks 21st century marketing!

Also Lay low on coffee sweetie pie as caffeine diuretic causing more frequent trips to washroom than Michael Jackson did with his children.

Get up slowly from sitting or lying down positions

This means create a physical restraining order between the bed and floor when getting out ogf bed(comes free with new purchases i.e preggomattresses) Also try sleeping slightly elevated.

Standing from laying position brazen quickly might cause hypotension and if mixed with surrounding environment head spins will go off charts !

Focus On Your Breathing

A slow-paced breathing technique could significantly reduce the problem caused by hyperventilation.

Experts suggest counting 3-5 seconds each inhale & exhale cycle can help calm body response amidst other crazy hormonal activities that ya having.

Keep Your Records Straight Honey

Maintaining daily records of your meals and fluid intake will help in keeping an eye on dehydration, nutrient deficiencies, or blood sugar levels.

Also helps to identify which foods cause discomfort so you can avoid them like the plague (believe me when I say not worth it – that spicy chicken burger will betray you!)

Besides the above tips,you might try many different therapies for minimizing symptoms of vertigo during pregnancy

Exercise regularly at home

Note: Yes please no going out slow jogging

Protracted muscle relaxing exercises such as yoga (As seen on Bridget Jones Workout DVD) Or even a simple walk around the house would improve balance issues by improving blood circulation and inducing calmness with peaceful surroundings😊

Just be mindful if exercise-induced dizziness happens! So don’t go about running marathons unless every step is towards a delivery room.

Useful tip - Hold on to something stable or sit during stretches/exercises.


Before swallowing those pills never before heardof suggested by well-meaning elderly female relatives who claim its Ayurvedic wonder pill, always consult your obstetrician.Giant point here guys!

Things like Iron tablets, Folic acid supplements "May" reduce dizziness but do make sure with Doc!

We know lots of moms swear-by herbal remedies but just because it's natural doesn't necessarily mean safer.They might have some side effects or contraindications to certain drugs thus we highly recommend speaking with someone qualified in regards to medical advise.

Let's face it loves ,dizzy moments are inevitable whilst creating human life.Learning how you can manage this common problem is key for living comfortably throughout gestation.(Or loose sanity)

With all these tips/tricks let’s leave swooping around only appropriate for superheroes and birds in the wild.

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