Spitting the Truth: Can Acid Reflux Trigger Excessive Saliva?

Acid reflux is a highly unpleasant condition that can cause discomfort, pain and embarrassment to sufferers all across society. One lesser-known symptom of this ailment is excessive saliva production - something many people have experienced but few understand.

Spitting the Truth: Can Acid Reflux Trigger Excessive Saliva?

If you're someone who's had to cope with excess drool, then worry not! In this article we'll unravel the mystery behind acid reflux induced heavy salivation, providing some useful tips on how to counteract it effectively.

What is Acid Reflux Syndrome/Heartburn?

People with experience in indigestion are probably aware of acid reflux disease. It’s often called heartburn because its main symptoms are a burning sensation felt around your chest; beyond these sensations, though,this malady shares little similarity. Unlike regular indigestion or stomach upsets caused by poor diet choices/lifestyle habits which rarely last beyond 1-2 days ,acid reflux persists .It occurs when stomach contents including acidic bile flow back into food pipes(happens when lower esophageal sphincter opens improperly or too frequently), causing irritating effects .

But How Is Acid Reflux Linked To Salivation

Excessive saliva production and swallowing usually happens when people suffer from nausea , fear ,stress or anxiety : Surprisingly though it can also happen as a result of gastroesophagal reflex(GER) . The unexpected nerves firing off between brainstem and different areas (including salivary nuclei ) triggered by GER produces excessive harmonious production of volumes upon volumes liquid secretion leading ultimately towards continuous swallowing (just get past I dunno what chemical compound ).

The LES muscle(apart from barring food /drink/gastric juices ascending back into Esophagus) plays an important role to ensure constant saliva drainage(that keeps large buildup at bay), thus any dysfunction within stops normalcy completely !

Spotlight On Etiology

One of the most common causes of acid reflux syndrome is overeating. When we eat too much and our stomach fills up beyond capacity, excess pressure builds up which in turn triggers the LES to open and stomach contents flow back into esophagus .Too acidic or spicy food can be another trigger factor; as also large intakes Liquor :these cause digestive acids produced in your stomach to burn your throat leading eventually unto amount production with constant swallowing.

The processing of carbs by ptyalin (enzyme derived from oral glands) following extensive digestion during mastication(how smooth/effective it is determined if you are going lead make gross puddle under number ,extending ample time via mastification).

Coping Strategies

While consuming certain foods might encourage our bodies to produce more saliva, there are some things that can help reduce excessive salivation caused by GERD :

  1. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum not only enhances saliva productivity but also has a very pleasing taste! The action of chewing itself stimulates saliva production alongwith acids absorption thus significantly reducing their negative effects on your esophagus.But before popping that bubble ensure its sugarless /caffeine-free since these could set off opposite results !

  1. Antacids Antacids like Maalox/Rolaids effectively balance PH levels of gastric juices ,making acid refluxes causes abate . This will prevent harmful enzymes from corroding the lining features on walls triggering less volume generation inside mouth!

3.Sleeping Right

Sleeping at Your front puts extra pressure onto abdomen: ultimately worsening gastroesophageal symptoms therefore lying On left hands side enables better drainage hence lesser activity overall .

4.Rescheduling Appropriate Meal And Intake Hours ! There are small lifestyle changes that can greatly improve cardiac functions avoiding GER altogether.Once you’ve figured out what times provide comfort maybe give them try !

5-Maintain Body Mass Index

Since obesity drastically elevates risk factors for GERD, a healthy BMI should be aimed at : not only does it make you feel better but enables long-term better health management !


So next time when you are experiencing excess drool , don’t fret over your sanity ! Acid reflux can certainly cause this ailment however by effective lifestyle choices and minimizing trigger pulls we might minimize these symptoms.Don’t shy away from giving new things try to see what works best for you.

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