Split Pea Soup: The Ultimate Solution for Constipation?

Are you feeling bloated and uncomfortable? Do you dread heading to the bathroom because of constipation? Look no further than split pea soup! Yes, that's right, this unassuming soup can actually do wonders for your digestive system.

Split Pea Soup: The Ultimate Solution for Constipation?

Split pea soup may not be as glamorous as avocado on toast or acai bowls, but it provides numerous health benefits. Rich in fiber and vitamins, it is an excellent way to keep your gut healthy.

Here are some amazing reasons why split pea soup should be your go-to solution for constipation:

1. High Fiber Content

We all know that fiber is essential for our digestive health. But did you know that split peas contain almost 4 times more fiber than many other vegetables? With around 16 grams of dietary fiber per cup cooked, consuming split pea soup will provide much-needed bulk to help promote regular bowel movements.

2. Source of Essential Vitamins

Besides being high in fiber content, this humble legume also contains plenty of essential vitamins such as A, C & K which aids digestion and moves waste through the intestinal tract without difficulty.

3. Provides Sustainable Energy

If ever there was a food item deserving a “superfood” title; Split peas make strong contenders with their nutritious composition- they offer clean-protein making them perfect foods with energy support alongside their potent combination nutrients – leading to longer-lasting sustainable fuel these eventually lead acts stimulate the intestines promoting easy passage too leading relief from irritability increased pressure during bowel movement.

Sounds promising doesn't it? So here’s how you can prepare just that!

This hearty vegan classic is ideal for chilly days when you're looking for quick comfort food!


  • Dried green split peas - 400g 
  • Onion -1 chopped
  • Garlic cloves - 1 crushed 
  • Salt - 1 tsp 
  • Ground black pepper- half-tsp
  • bay leaves – 2
  • Olive oil or vegetable oil


  1. Rinse the split peas in water and cook them with enough water to have a ratio of approximately 3 parts water to one part peas along with two bay leaves for additional flavor.
  2. After boiling, reduce heat and let it simmer until the peas are fully cooked (approx 45 mins). You can also use a pressure cooker for this step which will lead considerably faster results!
  3. In a large pot sauté chopped onions and diced garlic adding salt & black pepper as per your taste until they caramelize.
  4. Add boiled pea soup into the large pot mix everything utilizing either immersion blender/until smooth texture is obtained 5.Remove from heat after ensuring even blending.

Once you've tried making split pea soup yourself, experiment by adding some favorite blend-ins! Some major favorites include:

Additional Blend Ins:

Crumbled Bacon: Nothing adds deliciousness than crumbled bacon that adds smoky flavor while providing needed crisp element to soft sweet-smelling soup if vegan/vegetarian tofu bacon bits would do just fine!

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice’s high acidity level enhances sharpness thus providing extra zest leading less heavy bland taste.

Greek Yogurt: If tasing too dry add in some yogurt/ creamy upon recommendation Greek type packs lesser-sweetened sour creams giving excellent result imparting great tanginess.

Split Pea Soup may not be most fancy-looking meal but it's practical benefits make a case worthy of consideration whether emergency relief sought / wanted new digestive addition into meals;

Enjoy nutritious aspects accompanying scrumptious balanced proportions showcasing nutrition boosting properties aiding intestine enabling consistent bowel movements… naturally!

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