Sticking to a Budget: How Much Does the Contraceptive Patch Cost?

Are you tired of constantly worrying about unplanned pregnancies? Do you want an easy and effective contraceptive method that fits your budget? Look no further (sorry, got carried away) as we explore the cost of using the contraceptive patch.

Sticking to a Budget: How Much Does the Contraceptive Patch Cost?


As much as we all enjoy getting freaky between the sheets, one thing nobody looks forward to is dealing with unwanted pregnancy scares. There are several birth control methods available today, but some can be quite pricy. Hence, it’s only natural to wonder how much money you’ll need to cough up if you choose the contraceptive patch option.

What is a Contraceptive Patch?

Before diving into costs italics, let’s begin by explaining what a contraceptive patch is. A contraception patch (or simply ‘the patch’) is a small adhesive bandage-like strip applied on various parts of your body such as your abdomen, upper arm or buttocks. This thin film delivers two hormones namely estrogen and progestin through your skin and prevents unwanted pregnancy (whoop whoop).

The effectiveness rate for typical use of this form of contraception ranges from 91-94% according to Planned Parenthood italic so if used correctly it can offer excellent protection against unintended pregnancies.

Types of Contraceptive Patches

There are currently two types of patches in circulation: xulane® and Ortho Evra®. Xulane® has lower levels of estrogen at 35mcg while Ortho Evra ® contains 60mcg hence increased side effects such as weight gain or digestive issues.

It's essential to note that each type comes with its fair shareof different pricing points based on availability in pharmacies and the region of purchase.

Cost Considerations

Everyone loves a good bargain, especially when purchasing something long-term. When considering using the contraceptive patch, there are several costs to keep in mind (gosh we’re responsible adults now):

Initial Consultation Fees

First things first: before deciding to use any form of birth control method, it’s crucial to book an appointment with your doctor or local family planning clinic. This allows for evaluation of whether you are suited for this method and probably ensures other medical neglect is taken care of beforehand.

Your consultation fee will vary depending on where you go but remember that some clinics offer free services like Planned Parenthood italic, which means no out-of-pocket expenses- yay!

Patch Price Range

As previously stated, different types of patches exist in circulation at varying costs yet reliable effectiveness rates. The table belows show a price range for both patch types:

Type Low End Price High End Price
Xulane® 35 mcg $120 $167
Ortho Evra® 60mcg $110 - $140+

It's important to note that these prices may vary by location as well as pharmacy discounts offered (did someone say Black Friday?).

Insurance Coverage

Working individuals who have health insurance can benefit from low-cost or even FREE access (sorry had to capitalize there)to their chosen contraception methods according to italics. However private insurance providers could bill up additional charges if they consider those forms not covered under Obamacare regulations.

Patients without healthcare coverage usually pay more than those with coverage schemes starting typically at about ninety dollars ($90) upnorth every three months or $360.00 annually.

Over-The-Counter Contraceptive Patches

Currently there are no over the counter contraceptive patches available in the United States of American hence prescription from a medical professional is necessary to provide access (sigh) to them.

If at some point it becomes legal, expect prices and availability to improve as competition comes into play.


Navigating birth control costs can be overwhelming but arming yourself with information goes a long way in utilizing various options. It is important for you as an informed adult about your sexual health to consider which cost option suits you best (both financially and medically speaking). Remember, while most costs stated here remain per individual's state or region specific factors such as clinic discounts, insurance coverages not mentioned may also influence (because we're trying so hard not to leave out any relevant info) the financial exposure anticipated.

Enjoy safe sex guys!

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