Stop the Dig: Tips to Avoid Picking Your Nose

Let's face it - everyone has picked their nose at some point in their life. But with the rise of COVID-19, maintaining good hygiene practices has become more important than ever before. Picking your nose can spread germs and lead to infection. Here are some tips to keep you from picking your nose.

Stop the Dig: Tips to Avoid Picking Your Nose

Keep Your Hands Busy

One reason people pick their noses is that they have idle hands. Keeping yourself occupied with other activities will help curb this habit.

  • Play a musical instrument
  • Do a crossword puzzle
  • Knit or crochet
  • Clean your room or workspace
  • Flex your fingers and clench them tightly every time you feel like digging for gold

These activities should keep you busy enough so that scratching isn't necessary.

Trim Your Nose Hair

Another reason why people pick their noses is because of those pesky little hairs that tickle inside our nostrils.

Invest in a good pair of scissors or trimmer and regularly groom the hair around the entrance of your nostrils. This will make it less likely for odd sensations within your nose cavity which kickstart any unwanted finger movement!

Practice Mindfulness

Incorporate mindfulness into parts of daily routine as this teaches us how we pay attention TO our thoughts, feelings, body sensations etc without reacting in such ways where we unintentionally have our fingers stuck up our noses!

Time spent practicing mindfulness can be particularly helpful when one would normally find themselves reaching out for an uninvited nasal examination session under extreme boredom conditions!

Use Nasal Sprays or Essential Oils

Dryness in the nasal cavity is another cause leading people to dig away at its crevices so consider having hydrating nasal sprays/ natural oils on hand whenever needed . Not only do they help reduce dryness, but also act as natural germ fighters when used correctly!

Wear Gloves

Gloves are not just for winter outings or kitchen hygiene reasons, they can also serve as a particularly successful buster of habits we are aiming to prevent!

You may wish to cover your hands in a pair of gloves during the day; it will remind you each time that finger finding ways up nostrils is not encouraged!

Chew Gum

Before you tumble over picking your nose in search of relief or because this timeless classic habit has been ingrained into already, consider popping a piece (or two) of gum instead. Chewing can distract and stop people from their nose-picking tendencies.

Make sure it's sugar-free though - cavities aren't worth avoiding other unhealthy habits!

Clean Your Nose Regularly

Cleaning your nose regularly with saline spray helps keep mucus loosened and reduces the chances one needs to use their index fingers as an amateur excavating tool. Also known as saltwater nasal irrigation, rinse out being sure air does flow all-naturally through passages so no unwanted stuff gets stuck inside!

Remember: pickles belong on gourmet sandwiches…not our fingernails after parking those digits within Nasal Avenue..

Keep Your Hands Clean

Keeping our hands clean at all times is crucial nowadays.

  • Wash them regularly
  • Use hand sanitiser when outside
  • Wipe down items you touch frequently
  • Like clockwork – make it routine whereby washing happens post-hand-to-face interaction. This will help avoid cross-contamination or germ spreading which comes through unwarranted, unexpected poking around various facial areas too!

Avoid Boredom

Boredom remains ever-present during long days spent cooped up indoors with nothing stimulating going on around. So if activity lulls threaten to push us towards putting fingers where they would be better off never wandering towards again:

Don't fight boredom--embrace creativity! Activities that encourage focus such like coloring books while listening to chill music or cooking up a storm in the kitchen are great ways to pass extra time without risking any unwanted finger adventures.

Increase Your Vitamin Intake

A vitamin deficient diet can lead one down an unglamorous track of absent-minded fidgeting and inner digging for entertainment purposes. Choosing a daily multivitamin is just one small way to help counteract such tendencies into becoming habits which could ultimately affect our health status!

Furry Companions: A plus or minus?

Snuggling with your furry friend on the couch, sharing moments of pure love – but when it comes time for them to drool all over you , it may take extreme self-discipline not reach immediately back out and “remove” something that is now tickling away inside those sensitive nostrils.

It's completely understandable that maneuvering around toys and accoutrements isn’t always successful at preventing pet hair from getting where they shouldn't. Bear in mind however, each response (by you) committing injustice upon nose-flora by introducing new microbes that might upset delicate pH balance found within this natural wonder space called Nosesville.. Yeah...let's keep bacteria off limits!

Stock Up On Tissues

When we find ourselves confronting nature calls quite unexpectedly whilst being forced outdoors e.g running errands; having tissues readily available means no sudden urge compromising hands-free activities while disposing unsavory fluids hastily dealt with too!

Just watch where items being thrown, unlike gum wrappers…these should be chucked without reservation hehe..

Chew instead of Smoke

Smoking does absolutely nothing positive for you except leave behind some dreadful after effects like foul smelling bedrooms & car interiors That,s before considering what nicotine addiction leaves behind lung-wise! It also doesn’t do much good in keeping urges at bay…

Whenever triggers come along & cause itchiness, rather than rolling those stones between fingertips looking intently-and-enthusiastically for those crumbly debris, opt into chewing gum. Giving yourself a (sugar-free)jolt of chewy goodness should be sufficient in dealing with such issues!

Change The Habit

If the tips above still have no effect whatsoever on habits that won't die regarding poking around your nose too much-consider training your brain to stay away from certain areas during moments when you think about things other than what is actually happening.

This form of therapy has been used successfully by people who suffer from intrusive thoughts; so maybe it’s worth giving it a try if traditional methods haven’t come through for us?

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

A slip-up can occur at any time and picking our noses comes naturally despite how badly we wish otherwise.

Remember to take deep breaths and calmly tell ourselves 'not to beat ourselves up about it' as this will only add extra tension onto skin which would prefer not seem crossed over trivial matters anyway - pheww!

Try Reflexology

Believing in foot reflexology means acknowledging that different regions/pressure points correspond altogether with specific parts of bodies-i.e walking on earth barefooted soaking up energies from mother ground is great. According some experts , by Walking steadily along with pressure point lines help alleviate tendencies to pick one’s nose – interesting huh?

The verdict remains debatable nonetheless well worth trying out since those ridges could do more positive results than harm.

In conclusion, we hope these tips will help prevent you from picking your nose frequently or completely avoiding situations where its needed! Remember yawning always helps breathing so ensure frequent bursts throughout day 🙂

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