Stretching the Truth: Pregnancy & Stretch Marks

Congratulations! You're going to be a momma bear. Whether you are first time or an experienced pro, no one can truly prepare you for what's ahead of your journey. From morning sickness to swollen feet, from emotional rollercoasters to sleepless nights; it's all worth it in the end when those tiny toes and fingers arrive. Oh, but wait -- there's more! Your body is about to go through some changes that will raise up plenty of questions and concerns.

Stretching the Truth: Pregnancy & Stretch Marks

One such change is stretch marks - bright red/purple streaks on your belly, hips, thighs or breasts during pregnancy (although they can also form in men and women who gain weight rapidly). These streaks gradually fade into thin silver/white lines over time but never fully leaving without intervention.

Here at Bumps_n_bruises, we understand the ins and outs of skincare with pregnancy because our founders went through this process themselves. So buckle up as we debunk myths surrounding stretch marks while sharing details around reducing risk factors associated with these tough tiger stripes!

Where Do They Come From?

Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on skin fibers -- nearly 90% of expecting mothers will have some sort of stretch mark by their due date whether they like them or not. Surprisingly enough, genetics don't even play much role in heftier females' ability to obtain this badge-of-honor/sign-of-tribulation.

When rapid development happens within connective tissues beneath the skin surface due to sudden gains/decreases weight from either childbearing/nursing stages or dietary lifestyle changes... guess what? Your natural elastic limit stretches out pretty fast without time left for proper healing/youth preservation minus deep purple/red scarring.

So basically if Gobstopper Candy Co suddenly came out with 'cherry vineyards' filled gummy candies packed full sugar (aka dangerous for teeth, hips and curves), the natural consequence of consuming those sweets might just be a little trouble down the road.

Route Of Prevention: What Can You Do To Lower Risk Factors For Stretch Marks?

Knowledge is power- knowing behavior factors working against us puts ball back in our core! Here are some ways to decrease risk factors that contribute to stretch marks:

Keep The Belly Growing -- Hydrate And Moisturize

As belly grows, it's important to keep your skin hydrated and well-moisturized all-around clock. Our founder used Nature Mama lotion every morning after showering pre-restroom breaks when her bladder was empty enough not get interrupted by any kicks she couldn't control (pregnancy perks). Additionally, drinking plenty water (64 oz a day) helps maintain flexibility while building greater collagen production - two things essential in preventing stretch marks.

Another favorite of ours here at Bumps_n_bruises has been 'Mega-Mommy' multivitamin supplements packed full vitamins/herbs A-E-D-C-B2-B6-calcium/iron/zinc... Basically everything needed afford expecting mother best chance possible maintaining good anatomical nutrition support during these temporary dietary insufficiency phases without fresh fruits or vegetables beyond reach!

Plan Outward Gains Strategically

Slow gain weights instead of rapid fluctuations can also help prevent formation of too many stretch marks. Try keeping track on what you eat with apps like MyPlate calorie tracker as an added assistance measure; this will aid looking out for any fast gains that may harm skins elasticity limits more than necessary over time span given.

Exercising regularly adheres body detoxification process flush 'bad stuff'. It also builds muscle mass which doesn't become affected by pregnancy hormones as normal fatty tissues under skin do

Simple forms exercises are recommended if pregnant but always check with doctor supervision beforehand. (data shows correlation -- not causation)

Sunburn - Stay On Track Of UV Protection

Although hitting the sand/beach and getting some sun-time to recharge might sound rewarding at times, it's best knot to abuse effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure too much. If a trip must be taken out on sunny day, don't forget that SPF needs change while carrying for two! Aim high with 50+ broad-spectrum protection product and wear comfortable protective clothes.

Soft Treatments Hide Heavy Strides – Fading Into Infamous Thin White/ Silver Lines

Stretch marks are inevitable part of pregnancy like cravings or weight gain, so embracing them without worry is key recovery step for body positivity in long run. However ifone prefers minimizing their appearance, we have laid down top solutions below:

Light Therapy

Shown decreases scars significantly over repeated sessions without much if any downtime period needed between appointments but can add up cost-wise pretty quickly depending area being treated at time given (disclaimer limited research available... always consult with doctor before proceeding forward final decision-making).

Laser Therapy: Not Just For Star Wars Fans

Laser light therapy helps promote new skin cells along stretch-mark affected joints leaving smoother look reappearance after about six months through scheduled regular treatment schedules ensuring maximum fade-out percentage with minimized scarring postpartum stage.

Note there was no significant difference noted between combination-light-and-laser vs just laser session performed by itself under clinical research review trials done thus far found during recent past years.

A newer similar treatment named 'microneedling' forms tiny injected pins penetrating skin stimulates growth hormone secretions that reduce typical tissue scarring & inflammation aspects; microneedles create collagen around dense areas gaining better elasticity levels offer slight initial bruising sensation experience because needle prickings trigger subcutaneous healing mechanism within tissues themselves as natural response effort lift waistline face tighter after birth phase.

Natural Oil Treatments - Keep Your Belly Happy

To help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, try regularly massaging any area prone to affected troubles on daily basis using natural oils. A few well-known essential ones like almond and coconut, cocoa butter recipe blends promote outside skin cells from within leading reducing potential risk factors known ties associated with such genetic predispositions making an unmanageable experience feel quite manageable.

Conclusion: Embrace The Tiger Stripes

As stated earlier, prevention is key. But regardless of the outcome common in most pregnancies or other sudden changes and growth stages beyond our control... the more we accept them -- scars and all -- as tests give us validation importance that carries lifetime reward!

In times hardship where postpartum blues may set-in, it's significant to remember how much you went through carrying new life into this ever-changing world; rather than focusing solely outward superficiality appearance levels driven by society's unrealistic beauty standards projected onto mothers everywhere.. overtime as your babies grow hearing positive mindsets influences maternal figures helps creates healthy self-esteem boosting developing personalities themselves further down road.

So chuck out those high-waisted leggings - show some skin off proud grinning just because tiger stripes are not only hard earned but nearly indestructible grace will create life-long reminders precious moments gone-by!

NOTE: Bumps_n_bruises doesn't prescribe advice nor should read above information be used substitute for professional medical counsel concern ailments related pregnancies/issues.

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