Stringing Up Style: How to Hang Tissue Paper Pom Poms from Ceiling

Are you planning a party but don't know how to add that extra pop of color? Well, look no further because tissue paper pom poms are the perfect addition! Stringing up style has never been easier. With these simple steps, your space will be transformed into a whimsical wonderland in no time.

Materials Needed

Before we dive into the process, let's make sure we have all the necessary materials. - Tissue paper (preferably large sheets for optimal fluffiness) - Scissors - Twine or fishing line - Tape or glue dots - Ladder (optional but highly recommended)

Pro Tip: Don't skimp on the tissue paper thickness. The thinner sheets can lead to floppy pom poms which is not a look anyone wants!

Step 1: The Fold

Start by stacking 8-12 sheets of tissue paper directly on top of each other. You want them to be uniform and neat so take your time with this step. Once you have them all lined up, fold accordion-style with about one-inch folds.

Step 2: Secure and Trim

Once you have folded everything nicely together like an old-timey fan it's time to secure it together! Take either twine or fishing line, tie it snugly through where you would hold a real fan closed at then trim any excess ends after tying off.

Pro tip:

Using fishing line makes things much easier as they tend to blend better especially if used outside during daytime picnics etc.

Next, use your scissors and round off both sides of the folded stack so that both edges are curved rather than pointed creating sort-of flower petals.Make sure that when cutting, do it with care so every layer is cut precisely leaving no jagged edge marks behind.

Steps One & Two: Folding and Securing

Step 3: Fluff It Up!

Let's get to the fun part! Beginning at one end of your tissue stack it is time to fluff things up! Start with the top layer, gently pull each sheet apart from its folded position untill both sides are standing upwards.

Then repeat this on every layer until you have an elegantly created pom-pom. Make sure there isn't a single layer left untouched!

Fluffy Pompoms in various colors

Pro Tip: If any layers fall flat during this step simply help them along by holding them while pulling the previous one loose.

Step 4: Hanging

Now that we’ve created some wow factor let's hang these babies up where they belong - right above your stunning party spread. Take either fishing line or twine and looped several string lengths through the tied-off portion about 6-12 inches should suffice but can vary depending on personal preference.

Once ready, tie a tight knot around any hanging bars/objects so that they will stay put as long as needed.Make sure hooks/screws/nails etc hold enough weight capacity for said poms!!

For those without overhanging beams/bars use adhesives such as glue dots or tape (made specifically with walls in mind) against ceilings so these fabulous creations are just floating away glowing like shooting stars!

Pom Poms Strung-Up Design Inspo

Follow these quick easy steps leaving you stringing-up style adding dramatic flair wherever placed making parties/staycations/outdoor picnics become even more enjoyable-either way make tiny pieces of art which transport people into fantasia-like experiences just by hanging seemingly simple yet amazingly elaborate party decor.

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