Stronger, Fuller Nails: How to Make Your Fingernails Thicker

Do you dream of having healthy-looking nails? Do your nails peel or break easily, leaving them looking thin and weak? Don't worry; we've got you covered. In this article, we'll show you some easy ways to thicken your fingernails naturally.

Stronger, Fuller Nails: How to Make Your Fingernails Thicker

Why Are Some People Prone to Thin Nails?

Fingernail problems can occur for many reasons. Here are a few common causes:


Genetics plays a significant role in the thickness of our nails. If your parents have thin nails, there's a high chance that you may also inherit the same trait.

Poor Diet

A diet lacking in essential nutrients like protein and biotin can lead to weaker and thinner nails.


As we age, our body's ability to produce collagen decreases. Collagen plays an essential role in keeping our nails strong and healthy.

Now that we know the possible causes let's move onto some tips on how to make your fingernails thicker!

1) Maintain Proper Hygiene

It may seem obvious but keeping clean is extremely important when it comes to nail health. Our fingers come into contact with countless bacteria throughout the day which could leave us prone to nail infections if proper hygiene is not maintained.

To keep those germs at bay follow these simple steps:

  • Regularly wash hands with soap.
  • Keep hands moisturized.
  • Ensure tools used for manicure/pedicure are sterile or personal equipment
  • Avoid biting or picking at cuticles as this puts one at risk of bacterial infection

Healthy habits will go far in maintaining stronger and fuller-looking natural fingernails!

2) Incorporate Nail-Friendly Foods into Your Diet

Dietary choices play an active role in promoting overall health - including supporting hardy finger & toenail growth . Ensure that your diet includes these nutrient-dense foods:

Protein-Rich Foods

Protein-rich foods like poultry, beef and legumes should be integrated into diets aiming to grow stronger nails. The body utilizes protein for a variety of functions including creating new nail cells.

Biotin-enriched Foods

Biotin also known as Vitamin H is critical in helping our bodies grow thicker nails with reduced splitting or breaking chances. Some biotin-rich food examples your can add to meals are: eggs, sunflower seeds, almonds, avocados etc.


A daily multivitamin supplement could fulfil such nutrient intake requirement just as easily!

3) Nail Strengthening Home Remedies

Incorporating natural remedies along with other protective care will make those beautiful fingers strong and beautiful! Here are some classic home remedies to try out yourself without spending too much at the salon for better looking fingernails.

Olive Oil Massage

Olive oil is known for its nourishing properties right from hair till skin so why not our very own nails too? To perform a massage with Olive oil:

  • Take One Ounce (28gms) of Oil.
  • Warm it up gently.
  • Apply it onto cuticles and over all finger & toenails
  • massage them softly & don’t forget the lower end

Following this routine daily can help boost healthy growth while reinforcing strength!

Bonus Points Are +1 If you apply Liberal amounts!

4) Avoid Manipulating Nails :

Habits may include :

  • Peeling off Shellac / gel polish
  • Using hands excessively / Increased force during opening cans or clips

Such actions put immense pressure on finger beds causing defects leading even more vulnerability getting chipped or peeled faster then naturally intended.

5) Moisturize Regularly !

Just like all things aim to maintain balance - we may end up not achieving it if we miss out on hydration. Dry nails are by default brittle and prone to breaking, so moisturization is a key aspect to work upon.

Try applying lotion or cream before going off to sleep; this provides ample moisture & also helps in rectifying any damage caused during the day time.

Remember folks, many factors play their respective parts in ensuring healthier nail growth . Maintaining good hygiene practices ensures safe use of the fingers without harboring harmful bacteria. Following food-rich dietary plans strengthens with vitamins & nutrients that make sure each nail cell gets caressed! Where home remedies abound with cost-effective options for those looking for speedy results - keeping away from everyday habits like peeling/skin-pulling while maintaining regular care will lead you towards fuller and stronger nails.

Stay Healthy Out There !

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