Stuck in a Messy Situation: Baby Can’t Poop? Here’s What to Do!

There comes a time when every parent deals with their baby being unable to poop. As sad as it is, this messy situation shouldn't be silent! You must find solutions to ensure your little one feels like a million bucks. However, don't let the pressure get you down, as everyone goes through parenting struggles. After all, there's no magical cure or an easy way out of such situations! But hey! We're here for you today and will walk you through how to handle this shtty problem.

Understanding Constipation

First things first - what exactly leads to constipation for babies?

Constipation occurs due to many reasons; some include:

  • Insufficient water intake
  • Feeding pattern changes
  • The introduction of solid foods
  • Medications
  • A stomach bug/cold/flu that doesn't help push bowels along

Moreover, keep in mind that breast-fed babies may not experience constipation frequently whereas formula-fed infants have higher chances.

Tip: If your baby has less than three bowel movements per week or strained stool during diaper changes consult with your pediatrician.

Myths about Pooping

Numerous myths surround our idea surrounding pooping which often make us overthink things when we realize our children can't poop.

But fret not 'outta these minds, come clean!' When done correctly pooping is nothing but healthy body functioning persisting from pee and hunger cues.

Here are some commonly misconceptions:

1) Every day Statute ????

The notion that having only 1 bowel movement per day indicates good health is false. Babies can go days without popping. In fact, what matters most is frequency rather than the number of times they actually do so (although if they’re struggling there isn’t any!).

2) Pain Is Soothing

One massive misconception is that babies may cry or seem in impossible pain, and it's considered normal for them. It contributes to a more relaxed attitude regarding constipation taking away from any notion of urgency.

It’s essential not to confuse the two and remember treating pain goes beyond using natural remedies.

Home Remedies

When baby can't poop, there are home remedies you must try before rushing to see your pediatrician. Let us check out what we have:

Prune Juice

Have you ever tasted prune juice? No??? Well honestly speaking neither did I ????! However, add one ounce prune juice (just shy of 30ml) mixed with an equal amount water wouldn't be a lousy idea.

After preparing this giant concoction make sure you wait roughly six hours which will allow the mixture ample time to work its magic through our little buddies’ system while rehydrating at the same time!

Belly Massage

Another excellent alternative is trying belly abdominals on your child: Circle around their head slightly below the navel up towards rib cage following around and down again in gentle movements done over clothing could alleviate discomfort.

Additionally tickling or blowing raspberries on soft spots some older adult midwifes recommend solves belly troubles ;).

Seriously though this has been shown to help stool travel through, relieving abdominal/colic pains making burping easier as well!


First, apply Vaseline/lubricant and slip it just inside their rectum so they don’t experience too much irritation or tears - because nobody wants that! Additionally using petroleum jelly helps soothe irritation when having involuntary stools refocusensto reveal perfect care without doing anything extreme (think enemas here folks!)

However other reports suggest using mineral oil instead due to inherent protective properties providing another layer whenever there aren't enough digestive bile acids present keeping bowels hydrated ultimately pushing excrement out.

Medical Intervention

If none of these practices works check in with your pediatrician immediately for consultation on further medication alternatives. It isn’t unheard of some babies require laxatives, fiber supplements or other types of stool softeners.

Do not hesitate to see a healthcare professional if!

1) Any redness/blood appears around the anus

2) Pain results during bowel movements

3) You haven’t seen poop after multiple days even while applying and trying above suggestions.

Tip: Always consult with a doctor before giving any form of over-the-counter medication.

When undergoing treatment remember what goes into an infant's stomach is equally significant as checking how it was expelled! Don't forget about proper hydration throughout the process and regular diaper changes engendering prevention measures against urinary tract infections/yeast infections/gluten intolerance issues.

Some pro-tips include always scheduling mealtimes on time, watchful monitoring of fussiness/crying indicating thirst levels before constipation occurs getting ahead instead of behind this problem; anticipate minor issues that may result in severe situations resulting in harmful treatments down the line rather than taking proactive strategies towards maintaining our baby's health status quo!


All said now - What have we learned?

Constipation happens due to many reasons, so don't beat yourself up when you find your little one struggling. But there are ways to treat it through home remedies like prune juice, belly massages, lubrication among others. In case all else fails talking to a pediatrician helps navigate medical intervention safely ensuring long-lasting solutions. And let us never forget the myths surrounding pooping patterns amid infants holding onto old wives tales sometimes stifling away new knowledge diagnosed by gynecologists today.

At last but never least be sure to keep calm and poo-poo onward♻️????

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