Sun-kissed baby: Why does my baby need vitamin D drops?

When you see your newborn for the first time, their delicate features and soft skin make your heart melt. You want nothing but the best for them, and that includes ensuring they get all the nutrients necessary to grow healthy and strong.

Sun-kissed baby: Why does my baby need vitamin D drops?

One of these essential nutrients is vitamin D. Unfortunately, getting enough isn't as easy for babies as it is for adults. In this article, we'll explore why infants need vitamin D supplements in a fun-filled way that will leave you chuckling or rather sun-kissed if you may!

Newborns are like vampires

OK - we lied...your child's lack of Vitamin D has nothing to do with an obsession with blood (We should stop watching vampire movies). However, just like these mythical creatures, newborns are born without an ability to produce their own Vitamin D through exposure from sunlight making dets more important than ever!

You see babies actually rely on us humans i.e., mother nature (Wink Wink) for their survival needs (like oxygen) because they can’t go out on walks due to a relatively immature immune system preying on them mercilessly producing diseases or harsh weather conditions harming them badly.

Breast milk doesn't have enough Vitamin-D

A common myth among breastfeeding mothers is that breastmilk contains all the essential vitamins and minerals needed by a growing infant which sounds nice & rosy but let’s not be duped into tossing those damn supplements away yet!. It simply isn’t true- well unless Mommy’s chugging scoops & scoops of pills filled with vitamins plus calcium-laced cereal in-between meals then probably… But wait a minute who has time doing those? Thought so too.

In fact studies show that majority mommy-powers running solely off breast-milk often deliver very little amount when compared against what’S recommended (Spoiler Alert: Which Is A Lot!) making it a phenomenon that leaves our babies vulnerable (Helpless delicate ones) to rickets or other disorders, clinical syndromes of vitamin D deficiency conditions. Adding drops of Vitamin-D upon doctor’s prescription would help supplement the highest level needed.

Now you do not want your little one dealing with un-ending trips all the time because they were born with fragile bones now, do you?

Sun Protection

The sun is enjoyable and captivating to stare at during morning walks while carrying your beautiful bundle but protecting them from any harmful rays becomes an obligation. Infants below 6 months are especially advised against sunlight as their skin is thinner & more sensitive like cake on icing. {include image which compares layer structure difference between newborns and pregnant mother skin}.

Using spf creams might aid in prevention awesomely for sunburns (PS: Nobody likes those patchy red burns), But then again less exposure means increased chances dangerously too low levels which puts babies' immune systems under jeopardy. At times when teens keep getting roasted it's imperative we overlook the coating requirements set aside additional measures such as supplements & even Obligatory dropping baby off in mild sun-gazing timing discussed with professionals can be equally effective.

How much Vitamin D does my Baby need

Here’s where things start looking fancy (Scientifically)… Apparently medical practitioner has recommended average ranges that should get administered depending on varying weight range life-span numbers; surprises enough daily intake according to Child Health Institute In Washington falls around 400 international units thus recommending infant weighing roughly around 10 pounds gets handed approximately up-to- about 350 IU subjecting whatever amount equalizing his/her excessive deprivation issues faced before being released into someones embracing love solely relying on breast-milk . Perhaps this could vary based on individual cases but sticking by pediatrician'dosage wouldnt kill nobody taking proactive-steps ultimately growing healthy kids amidst everything.


Supplementation might sound like extra work for Mommy and Daddy, but it can go a long way in ensuring your baby grows up with healthy bones and strong immune system. It's important to note that babies born pre-maturely or with preeclampsia/eclampsia increase higher risks (Isn't it just great!) which should not be ignored rather supplementing them becomes even more crucial (Jargons: Very Important Stuff!).

So trust us; however difficult they may seem at the moment, baby giggles and laughter will definitely make the greatest joy out of life & watching them succeed growing under your loving care is worth every drop saved into those tiny spoons.

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