Surviving the Rollercoaster: First Month of Pregnancy Feels

Congratulations! You're pregnant! Now let's talk about the first month of pregnancy gulp. Buckle up, sister, because you're in for a wild ride (literally). While it might be too early to start shopping for baby clothes, it's never too early to prepare yourself mentally and physically. Here are some tips on how to survive the ups and downs (pun intended) of the first month of pregnancy.

Surviving the Rollercoaster: First Month of Pregnancy Feels

Physical Symptoms

You may have heard that morning sickness is one of the most common symptoms during pregnancy. Whoever named it "morning" sickness was either trying to mess with us or had no idea what they were talking about. Morning, noon, night - doesn't matter; nausea can hit at any time (yay). But don't worry - there are ways you can combat this queasy feeling.

Lettuce Wrap It Up

Take small sips or nibbles throughout the day instead of eating large meals which could further upset your gastrointestinal tract (GI). Focus on easy-to-digest foods like leafy greens and lean proteins so that GI discomfort won’t compound nauseous feelings.

Take The Vitamin-D Supplement Plunge

Your doctor may recommend a vitamin supplement right before your course begins because prenatal vitamins are generally another factor causing nausea itself (as well as certain pre-existing conditions such as diabetes); but make sure not buy cheap low-quality ones from eBay!

Attend Yoga Classes More Often Than Ever

Treat yourself kindly...For example through attending yoga classes fronted by experienced instructors who understand what safe stretches work best for each trimester so practices will get more tailored overtime based upon individual fitness level variance each day week after week etcetera fitting BMI goals accordingly.

Besides morning sickness, breast tenderness is also quite common in early stages due to hormonal changes in anticipation of breastfeeding later down the road. Tender and swollen breasts are not only a bit painful, but they can also make everyday tasks like putting on a bra laughable.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Invest in well-fitting bras that provide enough support yet comfortably cup your growing mammary glands (heh). You might want to go up a size or two if the ones you currently have start feeling too snug.

Emotional Symptoms

As much as physical symptoms affect pregnant women, emotional symptoms can be even more challenging!

Cry Baby Cry

You're not being dramatic (well maybe just slightly), increased hormones during pregnancy may cause sudden cry spells whenever anything remotely emotional happens - from commercials with puppies to real life events like losing keys. Remember that this is natural and allow yourself the chance to feel things deeply without being embarrassed about it.

Becoming A Grouch Monster!

Mood swings punch an awful lot after celebrating becoming "weepy wendy" for half past two hours: Then suffer through bouts of witless tirades...all while selling baby names over time!

These shifts emotionally throwing us off balance at times so do keep loved ones informed before extreme shifts by forwarding them prepared statements such as:

  • ”Hey guys! Hormones have me all over the place right now—please don’t take my moods personally”


  • “I’m working with mood disorder learning how we will navigate together- thanks for supporting.”

Knowing what you're going through can help them understand when you need extra encouragement or when it's better to give you some space.

Congratulations on Completing The First Month Of Pregnancy

Phew! We made it through the first month (HOORAY) congratulations mommy-to-be; welcome aboard one of life’s most thrilling rides. Keep doing research, arming yourself with knowledge (and maybe tissues) because there are many more months waiting ahead full of ups-and-downs (figuratively and literally). Once again, congratulations on completing the first month of your pregnancy journey!

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