Swollen Feet: A Tell-Tale Sign of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is undeniably one beautiful event that takes place in every woman's life. It brings with it a lot of excitement, joy, and happiness. However, with all this comes the not-so-pleasant aspects of pregnancy such as swollen feet! Believe it or not, many women tend to develop swelling in their feet during pregnancy. If you're wondering whether swollen feet are a tell-tale sign of pregnancy or not; stick around!

Swollen Feet: A Tell-Tale Sign of Pregnancy?

The Science Behind Swollen Feet

Swelling in the foot happens because your body retains more water than usual which leads to accumulation of fluids mainly on legs and ankles causing them to swell up because excess fluid gets trapped into tissues set between bones.

This condition is called Edema - Foot edema specifically for those having swollen feet after being pregnant.

The reason behind this occurrence goes back to our old friend hormonal change again! Estrogen + Progesterone decides to pay another visit together which makes blood vessels expand and extra fluid outpour from blood vessels The amount tends increase towards late evening times too.

All hail our hormones; don't we all love feeling bloated at least some time throughout each month?

Will My Feet Always Be Swollen While Pregnant?

Nope, but there is no guarantee either way. Some expecting mothers suffer from swollen feet throughout their 9-month gestation period while others only experience swelling occasionally especially while standing for long periods

Asides from gravity playing its role... your uterus' growth adds pressure onto veins beneath as well causing buildup especially around calf area.

When Does Foot Edema Start In Pregnancy?

For most ladies This can occur anytime within second trimester (week 13) until third trimester (week 40). Most commonly seen within later months hence finding shoes becomes an impossible task

Second Trimester Causing Stressful Swollen feet

During your fourth month of pregnancy, you'll start to put on a considerable amount of weight which will increase the pressure on your feet. Additionally, as your baby and uterus grow during this period, they tend to push down against the veins in your legs making it hard for blood to flow smoothly resulting in swollen feet.

The second trimester is also the time when our other old friend Morning Sickness decides whether or not it wants to pay us weekly + daily visits.

Swelling happens gradually so one wouldn't notice right away but do lookout for following changes:

  • swelling that's symmetrical
  • coughing up black liquid from lungs.

If you're noticing any of these two symptoms give double thumbs up and contact medical practitioners immediately because occasional foot edema mostly looks very similar like no big deal. Additionally if this symptom appears out-of-nowhere - call them too!

Since pregnant women aren’t allowed medication / drugs besides basic over-the-counter medicine without consulting a doctor here are someways available:

1) GET YOUR FEET HIGHER THAN HEART LEVEL WHILE RESTING This keeps fluids flowing back towards body rather than staying at area we don't want thanks science class memories

2) DO REGULAR GENTLE EXERCISES ESPECIALLY PUMPING OF LEG MUSCLES Gentle workouts like walking or cycling can help improve circulation in areas where fluid has accumulated hence promoting drainage

3) TAKE SIMILAR BREAKS DURING WORK HOURS OR TRAVELLING FOR LONG TIME PERIOD Don’t spend long hours seated or standing continuously especially without breaks.

4) Get Regular Foot Massage At Home By yourself (or others willing ideally); relax muscles anytime with few tips

5) Purchase Appropriate Footwear
The wrong shoes only worsens the situation.

6) Invest in Compression Stockings Compression stockings squeezes leg muscles to help blood vessels carry out fluids so they entertain less pooling.

Hope we mentioned it all although there is really no guarantee in helping an expecting person with swollen feet. Nonetheless trying doesn't hurt plus you get bonus self-care into daily routines too

Additionally cause of female's hormones may always stay around but hopefully article provided a little bit light on tackling this pesky issue & maybe even gave mood boost along the way!

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