Swollen tootsies: Early onset during pregnancy

Pregnancy! A magical and surreal experience of growing another human inside you. A time where you can indulge in your cravings until morning sickness hits, and then... well let's not go there. But one thing that doesn't usually feature in all those beautiful pregnancy pictures is the inevitable swollen tootsies. That's right; those little piggies at the end of your legs are under attack! So why does this happen? What can be done? And most importantly, how do we make it funny?

Swollen tootsies: Early onset during pregnancy


Swollen tootsies, or edema, often strikes pregnant ladies from around 22 weeks onwards- sometimes earlier if you're lucky enough to have a 'high-risk' pregnancy. You'll notice that suddenly none of your shoes fit as snugly as they used to; afterall, tucking two MORE feet into them has gotta have an impact right?! You may also spot some delightful puffiness around ankles and calves too.

Edema happens because the body produces extra fluids during pregnancy which cause tissues throughout our body (not just our feet) to swell up like a balloon getting ready for a clown show!! On top of this hormonal changes increase blood flow and pressure leading us towards being more swollen than an overripe watermelon.

One item that may become part of your standard outfit at this stage might be compression socks - stockings tight enough it would give any older woman with a penchant for nylon nightmares!. But fear not their purpose is simply to help reduce swelling by encouraging fluid movement back up towards the heart- so yes they look about as flattering on as a pair crocs but I promise pretty soon nightwear will start looking chic!

Dealing with it

"I'm retaining water???. Eau no!"

No need for despair though my good friends because luckily there are a few things you can do to try and combat this balloon foot situation.

Get fluid! - Make sure that when your little ones kicking the hell out of your bladder, which feels almost 24/7 now that you're pregnant, you drink enough water Fill up those cells with as much H2O as possible so there's less room for any extra fluid lurking about.

Feet up- If you're lucky enough to live on an estate or in a small palace it might be worth investing in one of those uber stylish lazy-boy chairs BUT if like most people during pregnancy maintaining is high-life from the sofa then taking some time every day to put the feet-up is vital. Even just popping them onto a foot stool for half an hour will help promote better circulation right backp into our swelling friends!

Medication Options

Of course, whilst putting our feet up and drinking plenty of fluids may help alleviate some symptoms Ankle swelling might still suck intensely bad.

If this becomes unbearable (trust me I've been there) getting further advice from healthcare professionals is always recommended. Amongst other treatments/complimentary therapies antihistamines could be recommended but alas medication being such a delicate area we simply don't have space here today or tomorrow probably needs its own blog, office memo or even its own Wiki page!). Perhaps mention just mentioning talking through options available by someone with prescribing power whose profile doesn't include their secondary occupation "Hypochondriac".

Is There Anything To Actually Worry About?

As with all things medical while swollen ankles are generally frustrating they aren't normally cause for concern...but hey why not worrying anyway: afterall obsessing over nothing helps distract from actually preparing for baby..

One thing to keep watchful eyes upon would be leg pain – particularly around calves/canhkles where tenderness+swelling paired together might indicate occurrences of clotting => deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This is not something to ignore thus here some quick facts about health risks during pregnancy that are better immediately addressed with a certified professional:

  • Sudden and severe swelling
  • Swelling on one side only noticed from hips/above/tootsie
  • Swelling in face or hands.
  • Painful leg/swollen calf/bluish color foot.

The Handy Hacks

"There can be creative ways of making life easier even if it brings nothing else than just laughs into the existential dread! "

As any other problem coping mechanisms become everything for swollen ankles sufferers. Here is our ‘Top-Tips List’ perfect for when your imagination decides today isn't ready to leave Candyland... :

1. Baby oil

Luckily this magical liquid also pours out its charm within our feet's overstretched skin. A dash of baby oil onto those sweet corns will help soften then up, readying them for an extensive soak companioned by two luxurious sponges!

2. Bark Up The Right Tree

Trying mixing bark and weight loss supplements into happy-smoothie-happy hour so you won't need ever need help putting your incredibly thin friends back to bed after dark.

Please note we do not endorse consumption of tree bark or weight loss supplements.

Revel In Mysteries Unsolved

"What point is there in knowing medical science’s limitations? Aren’t unanswered questions what set humans apart?"

Here at the end let us dwell together upon three ‘maybes’ answering the question left lingering around definitely passing curiosity levels but undoubedtly bringing peace through potentially never being answered:

Maybe Pregnancy Needs It!

Swollen toes are often given as one more proof that mythology used vampires as a metaphor regarding childbirth (another example would be bloody Mary cocktails; tomato based drinks remind people of blood).

Maybe The Problem's in The Solution

Compression socks might help improve circulation but what if they also create the problem? Are they just fancy curses without a way back?

Maybe Swollen Tootsies are Ultra-Feminine Superpowers?

Think for yourself, what else could be so frustrating yet attractive (sush! We won’t spill our beans on which 21st century boss lady is secretly using swollen tootsies to negotiate yearly bonuses).

Swollen tootsies have an infamous reputation that surely will continue amazing future generations. Till then, embrace your water filled feet and enjoy rubbing how lucky we are compared with other mammalian females who must let their children suckle for hours before escaping lockdown. Bon Voyage!

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