Swollen Uvula: Causes and Remedies

If you've ever felt a strange sensation in the back of your throat or looked in the mirror and noticed something hanging down from your palate, then chances are you're familiar with the uvula. It's that small, dangly piece of tissue that hangs at the back of your mouth like a tiny punching bag.

Swollen Uvula: Causes and Remedies

While it might not seem like an important part of our anatomy, when this little guy becomes swollen, it can cause some serious discomfort. So what causes a swollen uvula? And more importantly, how can you fix it? Let's dive in.

What is a Uvula?

Before we can talk about why a uvula might be swollen, let's first establish what exactly it is. Essentially (1), the uvula is a small flap of skin that dangles from the soft palate at the back of your mouth where your tongue meets the roof [1]. Although its main function hasn't been officially identified yet [2] , experts believe it could play some role in regulating speech sounds or facilitating eating and drinking properly.

Most people have no idea they even have one until they choke on their own saliva before looking (or feeling) there to see this mysterious "thing" sitting awkwardly at the back archway to ''la glotte''...

Why Does Your Uvula Swell Up?

The swelling up (3) ̧of our small friend has many possible reasons; so hold on tight! Between swallowing too big foods,having experienced heavy snoring during sleep (which triggers vibrations around this area), viral infections such as strep throat ,[4] allergic reactions,Aging process,[5], drug usage such as alcohol due to its drying effect along with environmental related factors all pave way for its inflammation.

Allergic Reactions Can Cause Swollen Uvulas

We all know somebody or at least have heard of someone who has experienced some kind of allergic reaction before. Maybe it was a coworker who broke out in hives after eating shellfish or your friend struggling to breathe due to seasonal allergies.

So what do these reactions actually look like when it comes to our uvula? Well, depending on the type of allergen (6) , swelling can happen really quickly, leaving you feeling that pesky and uncomfortable sensation at the back of your throat. Some common allergy triggers are

  • pollen
  • dust
  • pet dander
  • mold spores

It's important not to ignore any potential allergic reactions and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Infections And Swollen Uvulas

Another potential cause for swollen uvulas is infections - both viral and bacterial (7) . One common infection that can lead to inflammation is strep throat. If you're familiar with strep, then you know how painful it can be; even the thought sends shivers down my spine!

During this period,the bacteria invade your mouth causing inflammation.This layering up affects even small tissues such as the gold old guy: our darling uvula!

Other types of infections include: - mononucleosis (mono) - tonsilitis - pharyngitis As mentioned earlier ( when we talked about 'Allergic Reactions'),it’s best if one seeks medical therapy if an underlying ailment arises .

Heavy Snoring During Sleep

If you find yourself waking up more often than usual feeling like breathing thru NTA/NPA/ETTdevices because heavy snoring made nasal lubrication lessen (8) ,there could very well be two birds killed! Here lies another reason why there might be something off with our little pal: So evidently,it turns out snoring vibrates strongly around this area triggering tissue irritation along other areas which includes but limited to [9]:

  • the throat
  • uvula
  • tonsils..

If you find that your night is spent with loud snores or your partner complains of you disturbing them in their sleep, it is best to make changes that will reduce both habitual snoring and inflammation.

The Aging Process

As much as we hate seeing ourselves age,unfortunately,it’s a process we can’t prevent. Our bodies go through various changes at each stage of our lives...and sometimes our little one' suffers too! (10)

One common thing you may notice while aging along with 'weight gain'( Is this really worth mentioning) 3 (drumroll) (what causes it) ,becomes dehydration;this leads up to drying out part tissues including but not limited to ( What?)[11]

-skin, -hair , -teeth , -eye socket ( Huh?) -and yes…the UVULA!!!

Now thats some heavy -duty stuff right there!(which we all probably knew anyway)

How Do You Treat A Swollen Uvula?

Okay so now that we have an idea of why swelling might occur on the uvula let's tackle the question: what do we do about it?

Drink More Water!

As mentioned earlier,(dehydration) affects even small pieces of muscles which includes our friend: UVULA.[12] Increasing water intake helps restore these tissues back into shape.Sip frequently instead gulping large cups suddenly as this can worsen inflammation causing discomfort. So stay hydrated folks!!!

Sucking Ice Chips

This cool remedy helps alleviate pain by reducing swelling,jolting down spasms around the throat/frustration i.e due tto its chilling effect ...an old-time favorite granny used in Nigeria!

Use Salt Water Gargles/Glycerin

Prepare salty shows by adding salt (Your sodium chloride) into warm water, stir it up and gargle frequently.Pretty much like your soup just that this isn’t taken.It should provide soothing feeling to the muscles. Alternatively, try glycerin solution in warm water as well then swish around.

Talk To Your Doctor

Finally ,if swollen uvula persists even after trying different natural remedies,it's time to book an appointment with the doctor or be more proactive by calling a medical hotline so that they followed you up daily till it smoothen out completely.


This comes last but not least! It’s common sense...why go through pains if there are over-the-counter drugs available to alleviate pain/swellings caused by inflammation.[13]Ask for dosage prescription from your pharmacist which would be based on factors such as age,bmi etc

You've now got a few things under your belt when dealing with swollen uvulas: staying hydrated, sucking ice chips (which pleases me because who doesn't love eating ice?), using salt water gargles or glycerin, talking to a doctor,and taking mild OTC anti-inflammatories.You could finally achieve some level of relief thanks to these tips given.( what? did you think we wouldn’t have any solutions)

Conclusion :Making Friends With Our Friendly Dangly Pal...

So here we are folks;you successfully made it down,enlightened best strategies of luring back peace into our lives whence swelling takes place.Now let's remember many causes exist but basically prevention better than cure![14] Staying hydrated/training oneself to sleep on one side is prefferable than having chronic snoring issues(as advised earlier).

It’s important toknowthat swellings affecting small peices tissues can also constitute other inflammatory problems(ranging from harmless disease state like viral asthma-pallate-etc) hence I urge everyone reading this article today (15)....to always seek medical attention if issue persists.

Now,guys remember that although our uvula might seem annoying ,it's not to be overlooked as it serves some unknown yet important role in facilitating healthy mouth function! So value your tiny damn pal from now on (am I the only one feeling like giving mine a name) ? And finally ladies and gentlemen,I hope this article has successfully provided enough strategies you need when dealing with swollen uvulas( BOOOOM) !

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