Take off with ease: Best time of day to fly

Are you tired of arriving at the airport before sunrise and feeling like a zombie as you board your flight? Or worse, missing out on any chance of coffee because the terminal Starbucks isn't open yet? Fear not, dear traveler. This article will help you make an informed decision about what time of day to fly, based on scientific research and personal experience.

Take off with ease: Best time of day to fly

The Early Bird Special - Flying in the Early Morning

Flying in the wee hours may have some advantages, but are they worth sacrificing sleep for? Let's take a look.


  • Less Crowded - Most people choose later flights, so early morning ones might have less passengers.
  • On-Time Departure - Planes that depart earlier in the day generally have more punctuality levels than those departing later.
  • Peaceful Security Check-In: Since there are fewer travelers flying early in the morning, security lines move much faster!


  • Waking Up Sooner Than Usual: If you're already prone to struggling with mornings or if these habits almost burnout while traveling long distances , waking up super early could result drained energy through your travel day.

  • Potential Noise Disturbance: Starting an airplane engine right outside your hotel window is surely no way one would love disturbance during their vacations or important business trips.

Afternoon Delight: Flying During Midday

The sun is high in the sky and you've got all morning leisurely get ready for your mid-day flight.


  • More Sleep!: A later departure means that getting enough zzz’s isn’t tricky to manage before boarding
  • Less Chance Of Bad Weather: Storms tends to develop later throughout a day

### Cons:

  • High Climate temperatures across various locations which leads into cancellation/delays due too safety reasons incase crossing the alloted threshold temperature

## The Night Owl: Flying Late at Night

Flying late can often mean more affordable rates, but will you be sacrificing comfort in exchange for affordability? Let’s find out.


  • Less Traffic: just as with early morning flights, late-night departures may come bundled up with less passenger traffic.
  • Budget-friendly prices since many people prefer flying during the day.


  • Human fatigue intervenes traveler judgement which leads unrealistic thinking patterns and carrying equivalent risk potential unknown to them till next day after they wake up Sleep Deprivation: An overnight flight means losing one full night's sleep

Bottom Line

So when should you book your next flight? What time is right for you depends on what is more advantageous - whether it's an early bird or a night owl. Consider how much rest will get compromised if waking up extremely earlier versus landing super-late. More importantly, factor in any budget-conscious implications of flying at certain times of the day. Ultimately getting enough rest before travel might relieve some pressure so that jumping too fast with excitement through new regions won't burnout your energy sources quickly!

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