Taking Flight: When Can Newborns Travel By Plane?

Ah, flying! It's like magic. You get into a large metal bird-shaped construction with wings, you sit for hours, and suddenly you're in a completely different place -it almost feels like teleportation if only it wasn't so bumpy-. But that’s not the important part here; when can newborns fly the friendly skies? Let's dig in.

Taking Flight: When Can Newborns Travel By Plane?

The First Few Weeks

Congratulations! Your little bundle of joy has arrived — but don’t take off on your first plane ride anytime soon. Infants under two weeks old are more susceptible to illness while their immune systems build up strength against even minor infections (coughing passengers or sick flight attendants). Many airlines require babies be at least two weeks old before they travel.

Flying with an Infant

Infants aged between three weeks and nine months old aren’t recommended to take longer flights lasting over four hours as they may get agitated quickly and cry regularly during those long hauls (who wouldn’t?). Even though many airlines permit infants to fly shortly after birth, it is always better for both mother and baby if they wait several days or maybe even weeks after giving birth before traveling by air.

Lap Belt Whilst Nursing

Breastfeeding mothers often seek answers regarding airline seat belt regulations on board planes as most breastfeeding occurs whilst sitting down; luckily, there aren’t any stipulations about how middle-row passengers should feed their children (therefore leaving ample room for doing so).

Choosing A Seat

If finances allow, then we recommend booking seats across from each other since this will give mums travelling alone plenty of space to move around (seats near the window also grant some added privacy while nursing); however trying seats taking airplane configuration into account could swing everything in favor such pair bookings providing more comfortable arrangements than when separated even though which side guarantees more peace can be a contentious topic for families.

The Right Age For Air Travel

Many mums wonder about the optimal age for their baby to travel on a plane. Medics suggest babies, being more aerodynamically sound due to their smaller size, could even fly in planes just hours after birth; however commercially airlines sometimes have restrictions and so it's important to first check with the airline policies (always call or research reliable websites) before booking said flight tickets.

Experts Weigh In

Although some parents may disagree with expert advice they provide useful insights into cases concerning flying with an infant under two months of age whilst ABC per airport suggests that "there is no medical reason why [the]child should not fly long distances within 48 hours of being born" , ultimately decisions are entirely personal based upon circumstances such as health complications at birth or other pressing matters -and preferences-.

Doctor Recommendations

Your doctor’s thoughts regarding traveling on flights relate less to how young your baby actually is than what physical and psychological challenges your baby might encounter when boarding. You must consult them if you aim travelling within four weeks from delivery date—be sure you agree with pediatric guidelines beforehand.


If recent arrival was via c-setion surgery many doctors recommend refraining from air travel until six weeks following visual confirmation of physical recovery. Owing to variations medically related factors affecting safe boardability coupled closely by individual interests like nursing moms citing indirect feeding requirements among others we reckon one size doesn't seem fitting all here. However! With this guide inmindwe're confident startingto evaluatewhen any safe-to-travel dates maybe viable optionsonboard airplaneswith minimal fuss remain possible whetherit entails takingoff two-weeksafterbirth—orbookingflightstwo-monthslaterjustin case!

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