Teething Troubles? Is my 7-Month-Old Suffering?

So, you're a new parent and your little angel is crying their eyes out. What could be wrong with them? Are they hungry? Are they tired? Or are those tiny teeth bursting through their gums causing all the commotion?

Teething Troubles? Is my 7-Month-Old Suffering?

Teething is a natural process that every child goes through, but it can bring about some serious drama. In this article, we'll be discussing everything you need to know about teething troubles and how to make things just a little bit easier for both yourself and your screaming baby.

The Science of Teething

Firstly, let's get scientific...because why not?! When your babe reaches the ripe old age of six months (approximately), their first set of pearly whites will begin making an appearance. This typically starts with the bottom front incisors before moving onto the top front ones.

Now, I'm no dentist or scientist (shocking), but this process involves bone growth in order for these mini chompers to push up through the gum line. As you could imagine (we love science) it's pretty darn uncomfortable!

While every baby has different timing when it comes to teething completion (just like siblings fighting over toys), most babies will have all twenty primary teeth by around two-three years of age.

Common Signs of Teething

If only our newborns came equipped with vocal cords so they could tell us what was going down! Alas (fancy word alert), as parents we must rely on behavioural changes that may indicate toothy business taking place:

  • Drooling
  • Mouthing objects more regularly/sucking
  • Red/swollen cheek(s)
  • Pulling at ears
  • Difficulty sleeping/restless sleep pattern
  • Loss of appetite or irregular feeding patterns (pretty challenging times ahead!)

Can Teething Cause Symptoms Other than Pain?

While pain is the most common teething symptom (ok it's basically a given) did you know that other symptoms can arise as well? Hold on to your hats folks, things are about to get interesting:


Whaaat? Yes, that's right - diarrhea. While research hasn't proven an exact link between teeth poking through and a mad dash for the porcelain throne, many parents swear their babes had more of this situation during teething periods.

This could be due (possibly) to increased saliva production which leads to ingestion of more bacteria that could throw off gut health/microflora (we're in peak science mode now).


Another aspect that has not been completely verified by science but is regularly reported amongst parents. Generally speaking (because we love generalisations too!) low-grade fevers are common when baby teeth are moving around under the gums.

It's best however (as with any feverish behaviour) to monitor your child closely and talk with your pediatrician if anything seems out of whack or different from what may be expected.

What Can I Do For Relief?

As much as we'd all like a little magic wand flourish ("Expelliarmus" anyone?), there are no quick fixes for sore gums whilst babies dive headfirst into Teething Town. However there are some good tips/tricks below:

Chewing On Objects

The name above says it all really - when those peas start pushing upwards towards or past the gum line infants CAN and WILL try chomping down on everything they come across.

Cold/wet items tend to form favourites such as chilled(Not Frozen!) sliced cucumbers/carrots, damp washcloths placed inside freezer bags or even some spoon sized ice pack models available in shops if preferred!

Hard objects such as amber necklaces/jewellery have also become popular choices for parents, with some anecdotal studies suggesting the amber of the necklace releases a natural painkiller (not scientifically endorsed but who are we to rain on anyone's parade).

Topical Gels

When in doubt regarding sore gum relief it seems teething gels containing a "numbing" agent (e.g lidocaine) could be helpful for those tiny teeth. Please remember (we can't say this enough) only use products specifically designed for babies and follow instructions carefully.

Keep in mind that some pediatricians have been known to discourage these kinds of treatments as there has been not much published research material available that confirms their efficacy or overall safety.

Cuddles and TLC

Sometimes all your little one really needs is plenty of attention/love from their Mama/Papa/ Caretaker! The process of growing up is hard enough without being in near constant discomfort because mini-teeth are trying to burst through gums - so plenty of reassurance goes a long way (hugs go out to everyone!)

Teething Troubles Part II: How Parents Can Deal With This Tricky Time

So let's get real here folks, how DO you handle life when constantly sleep deprived/exhausted whilst trying (quite heroically!) to comfort your baby going through such an uncomfortable milestone?

While there may not be an end-all-be-all solution for all families experiencing teething first hand abound here below are 8 good tips that should help squeeze lemons into lemonade:

Keep Perspective

As much as it feels like the world's most challenging time parenting wise when our infant(s) will just NOT stop crying remember, they're feeling pretty crappy right now too!

Try comforting yourself with knowing any nap-free day won’t last forever and soon you'll have new teeth strewn smiles staring back at ya! It’s also worth noting that every baby experiences this phase differently due mostly to genetics/co-mingling health issues.

Share The Burden

It's pretty common knowledge that being a new parent is tough work (both mentally and physically). It certainly doesn't hurt to share the responsibilities with your significant other if possible/friend(s)/family member in order to have breathing space (remember folks there is no shame or reason to raise kids alone).

Share the workload/community involvement can go a long way in better managing stress levels for everyone involved!

Get Creative With Sleep

When you're chronically sleep deprived, it seems as though any shut-eye one could get is valuable. So try catching some rest the best ways possible: watch TV while holding your little angel(many moms/dads swear by this method), slap on noise-cancelling headphones/earplugs,anything goes here at this "unholy hour" stage of life!

Be Organized

Speaking from experience, teething drugs will disappear into thin air during a midnight crying fest (what's wrong with 2am cleaning sessions?). Just be forewarned and stocked up on that sticky gooey gel plus anything else recommended at all times (especially when those timeless rubber rings seem oh so attractive!) Get ahead of the game before it starts.

Make Playtime More Interesting

Armed with only playtime treats like toys during our day-to-day struggles can swiftly become stagnating/boring for us - let alone bored babies!! Now whilst they may not exactly be feeling too perky how about trying out water-based baby classes/games such as playgrounds/pools(Inflatables anyone?!)?

Not only do these activities offer something different but they also allow time away from meltdown-inducing scenarios sometimes caused by teething troubles.

Consider Starting Dental Care Early On In Life

Yes you heard right. Whilst previously thought pointless caring for an infant’s teeth becomes paramount once said tiny chompers start making an appearance!

Simply use a proper soft-bristled brush (no toothpaste is required), wet lightly and have at it. It's a really great way to get the little ones accustomed to such routines when older.

Embrace Baby Wearing

This could literally save your sanity! Harnesses, wrap arounds are just some of baby wearing products on the markets that you’ll often find teething babies enjoy being worn in whilst providing their parent(s) easy hands-free access/no-crying relief options. There are plenty of tutorials online if unfamiliar with using these modern day tools also!

Ask For Help When You Need It

Lastly but definitely not least - ask for help from someone (ANYONE) who will offer it, whether regarding tips/tricks/assistance or even simply listening to frustrations (nothing wrong with throwing yourself a mini pity party once in awhile).

With any luck we've hopefully given enough fabulous suggestions along these lines helping at least take SOME pressure off typically brain frazzled parents dealing daily life during Teeth-gate 2021!

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