Thaw & Pour: Heat Up Frozen Breast Milk Effortlessly

Breastfeeding is one of the most rewarding and yet challenging experiences a new mother can have. But, sometimes life just gets in the way! Whether you are returning to work after maternity leave, running errands or out for date night with your significant other, some time you find yourself away from your little bundle of joy longer than expected, and that leaves you wondering how to heat up frozen breast milk with ease.

Thaw & Pour: Heat Up Frozen Breast Milk Effortlessly

Fortunately for modern women like us; we no longer see these struggles as an excuse not to breastfeed anymore. We introduce 'Thaw & Pour', which will help nursing Moms everywhere!

It's always tough when baby needs feeding urgently but their food supply is currently sitting in the freezer waiting to be thawed.

Worry no more mommies -- combine comfort with convenience at its best!

  • The Perfect Solution You Need
  • Don't Let Minor Issues Turn Into Major Problems
  • Meet Your New Best Friend - Thaw & Pour!
  • Step Aside Bottled Water - Thaw %26 ;Pour Is Here

What is Thaw&Pour?

If it sounds science-fiction-ish , then think again! In fact, It's much simpler than it seems! Simply said, It's nothing but storage bags that come filled with insulation inside them protecting the milk specially--designed exclusively for breastfeeding moms on-the-go. These bags are uniquely designed to keep your precious liquid gold safe while maintaining nutritional quality during freezing.

The convenient pouches allow mothers who express milk ample opportunity to freeze it effectively as well as keep stored on those warmer summer days without having any concerns about spoilage due dilapidation or excess contact sunlight exposure.

These special jackets cater primarily to nursing moms who express their own breastmilk at home/office/while traveling/the don't have to miss a moment of bonding with your child!


Thaw & Pour offers the ultimate peace of mind for nursing parents. It's fabricated with a double-layer, moisture-resistant and air-tight barrier—meaning that it protects against freezer burn as well as maintaining nutritional content.

When comparing alternatives to thawing frozen Breast milk, we've managed to dive deeper providing you all possible solutions in one go :

  • Running warm water under tap
  • Heating breastmilk on stovetop/water bath
  • Placing it directly into a baby bottle warmer at high temperature though each method works otherwise., they can also be disruptive or even become mesay; heating up frozen breast milk has never been easierso noninvasive like Thaw&Pour does.

Other pros include:

  • Stands on its own - pour without spills!
  • Quick & Efficient - Defrost within seconds just pop them open!
  • Reusable & Affordable
  • Each pouch carries your desired quantity marking clearly shown against volume markings for easy reference

How To Use

It may seem daunting initially while receiving these cute looking packets.
Relax—it is so simple no special instructions needed!

1) Store thaws&pour pockets flat in the top compartment of your fridge ready-to-use whenever required—the night before being optimal) 2) Gently shake the Thaw&Pour after taking out from the refrigeratorfrozen bags turn hard naturally but just give quick shake before warming immediately )))) 3) Place inside any standard size baby bottles which retain heat longer than plastic bottles') 4) Heat by running hot tap water over 'emagic pocket ('bout 60°C/140°F.) 5) Remove from frozen packs quickly pop 'em into any regular baby bottle(s)—voila!Your little Cherub will have Eureka momentsTime!' . 6) Simply dispose/applaud yourself(make life easier next time by being environmentally friendlier reusing them.)


Thaw & Pour is a no brainer buy for breastfeeding mothers who're looking for solutions when they're without their bambinos. It's not only convenient and quick but brings in absolute physical ease without any mess or fuss involved.

If you give priority to nutrition while giving utmost importance to 'just the right amount' then at this point, It's probably unnecessary to further argue about how Thaw&Pour can become your new bestie.

So go try it out and experience the convenience yourself—ditching awkward situations/challenges commonly faced with bottle warmers/managing pumping sessions several times per day/not having ample time to prepare baby foods/lef-overs during maternity-leaves will seem like old news!

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