The Curious Case of How I Got a Wart on My Finger

I woke up one morning, just like any other day, but something was different. As I rubbed my eyes and yawned mightily, I noticed a strange growth on my finger. What was this? Have the aliens finally chosen me for some kind of wart-based experiment?

The Curious Case of How I Got a Wart on My Finger

The Beginning of the Growth

As the day wore on, the growth only got bigger and more noticeable. It seemed to pulsate on my finger as if it had its own heartbeat. This wasn't just any ordinary wart - it was alive!

A Close Encounter with a Rock

As I thought back to what could have caused such an abnormality, memories rushed in fast in pail loads. Then it hit me like a rock! Actually, there had been an encounter with rocks while hiking down by the creek last weekend that left me unscathed- or so i thought.

That must've been when the alien wormed their way into my system and started taking over!

A Visit to The Doctor

Fearing for my life (and possible Earth domination), I made a beeline straight towards Dr. Patel’s office where he took one look at warty-finger proclaimed,"This is quite interesting!" Of course I’m glad someone else finds all this amusing, i thought sarcastically as emotions whirled around inside- excitement because perhaps there's something positive about today afterall; desperation from not knowing how long this human-alien war would continue- all these innermost thoughts battling within me brought about further confusion.

Dr Pat said we needed to do some tests as part of our 'interesting case study' before having the final diagnosis since warts don't usually exhibit such characteristics as mine did.Weirdly enough,I was thrilled albeit worrying about #what next?

Tests Results & Treatment Plan

After running through some tests, Dr. Pat came to the conclusion that I had a particularly stubborn strain of wart that was refusing to go away quickly.

"The good news is there's definitely no alien invasion going on here", he chuckled and continued,"We’ll have to resort towards more extreme measures “ What sort of unheard-of, sci-fi movie kind of medicine could it be? Chemotherapy for warty fingers? What torture was in line for me?

He recommended using cryotherapy which involved freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen - and so began my journey down the rabbit hole.

The Cryogenic Experience

The day arrived,and I couldn't help but wonder what awaited me (was it a doomsday experience or not?)as i made my way to Dr.Pat’s office again. Suddenly,I heard "it" calling out softly,sounding like something from outer space;the conversation went along the lines:

"I am trying to adapt myself into your human-being system”, said what appeared as a voice inside,

“Neither you nor anyone else can explain how life comes about?"

Of course,i thought-what would this mysterious voice say if not creating doubt plus raise faith too simultaneously!

"You might be right,” I replied cautiously,”unless our capable yet mortal minds are able to comprehend all we’ve been privileged enough to share.” That marked an end,to questions-unanswerables-but strengthened fate within us both.

Back at Dr.pat’soffice,the procedure begun.My finger now numb,stuck into some container filled with liquid N2.The incredibly low frigid temperature being subzero really caught up pretty soon.Involuntarily, I almost bit through my tongue trying hard not scream-couldn’t believe someone actually permitted such horrendous things on humans!(my thoughts).As painful as it was while preparing & executing henceforth,I tried reminiscing over light moments in life just achieve composure.While feeling proud when finally Durango, my wonderful Golden Retriever years back was the champion of obedience school.


As painful and surreal as it felt while undergoing treatment, in a few weeks time , I started to see signs of recovery. My finger was finally starting to show some semblance of what it used to be without "the outcasts growth”.

Of course,I had developed an element of fear before checkups and assessments for awhile-until Dr. Pat gave the thumbs up upon observation since everything seemed okay yet there were times when this persistent thought kept ringing through-"What if?"(The unknown almost always gets us wincing tightly).

The Aftermath

I know that many individuals may view perfectionism as a curse - something so high-strung & tense which drives accomplishment but also fuels anxiety,hence adding unnecessary pressure- the need just wanting things right all the time.Therefore,the curiosity left by those weird & odd human non-autonomous events together with mad-scientist curious doctors is one thing we can never get rid off.It stays embedded inside us making us look forward towards experiencing the unusual or perhaps leave behind fascinating stories such as mine!

In conclusion,it’s advisable not let your imagination run wild while trying explain unfamiliar happenings(of course within reason) because as bizarre-aliens or similar experience-may seem,some could still admit being practically explainable.#Cryotheraphy anybody?

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