The Mystery: Why Does My Newborn Scream in His Sleep?

If you're a new parent, chances are high that you've caught yourself numerous times frantically Googling this query and driving yourself crazy with all the hypothetical theories. I mean seriously, what could cause a tiny human who has barely even opened his eyes yet to scream so loud that one might think he's being chased by King Kong Godzilla?

The Mystery: Why Does My Newborn Scream in His Sleep?

Before we get into some potential reasons for why your precious little bundle of joy seems to be having an absolute meltdown every time he dreams, let us first understand the basics.

What is sleep screaming?

Sleeping peacefully and quietly seems like something that babies should naturally master from day one - at least judging by every baby product commercial ever made. However, as many parents know through experience, there can sometimes be a hiccup along the way in the form of Infant Night Terrors. Infant night terrors are often characterized by ear-piercing screams coming from your baby mid-sleep which makes both them and YOU almost jump out of bed.

During these episodes, newborn creatures seem to exhibit distress while still sleeping deep enough not to respond or awaken readily. In case your kid might have similar experiences if drowsy during daytime naps then it'd be rather safe indeed classifying him/her as an infant experiencing night-terrors but scratchily without including their age range anywhere... (maybe 4 months would suffice).

What triggers sleep screaming? In essence our brains store distinctive memories consisting real-life experiences ie; pleasant ones labeled under declarative memory whereas routine tasks i.e tying shoe laces is classified under procedural memory- at such young ages infants' brains haven't developed all of these properly yet thus any feelings experienced quite vividly eg frustration after crying fit may also end up triggering sudden bouts/sudden onset of fear especially when said emotions linger longer than they ought to around bedtime hours.

So...why does your baby scream in his sleep?

The million-dollar question. Unfortunately, there may not be a one-size-fits-all answer here as young humans have complex biological and emotional systems that are still trying to adapt and evolve outside of the womb's environment.

Below we've listed some reasons which might need addressing, perhaps it'll take away the guessing game next time or even pave way to making similar observations if baby screaming persists.

  1. Teething niggles - this is likely one that you've already learned about during all those bestseller parenting books! When babies start teething around 5-6 months old their gums would inevitably get swollen causing considerable discomfort hence tears when those cute little teeth drop by!

  2. Stomach issues-An upset stomach can cause anyone discomfort regardless of age or gender so maybe check on bubs' diet for any irritant implications especially before bedtime

  3. Mild illness - Sometimes infants could be fighting off infections like ear infections that aren't evident during daytime but heighten more once laying down later after dark.

  4. Over-stimulation from activities prior to bed -Playtime prior bedtime should aim at calming child down rather than ramping up excitement levels e.g quiet games outdoors[perhaps after such sayable?]. Effective ways parents can focus on achieving include dimming light sources an hour before hitting hay plus leaving aside gadgets specifically smartphones/iPads from as early as two hours before due-with-lights-off times.

5.Sleep-related breathing disorders (SRBD)- Sudden abrupt tone corresponding involuntary episodes; occurring with every fifth breath-setting newborns off into deep cries &limbs stretched outwards rife with respiratory distress-- really starts getting unnerving alarm bells ringing though most often it is suggested that SRBD meets criteria under normal development threshold guidelines.

It’s okay mama

As far as Newborn crying bouts go, they only last so long thank goodness! Fortunately, looking after a new babe like this doesn’t come with any clinical stages and rest assured almost always it’s only a phase. Keep giving your child all the care & love they need![1].


Infant night terrors can be quite scary for parents to witness but most of the time - as we’ve outlined in this article - there is a logical explanation as to why our little ones are screaming their heads off while still seemingly fast asleep. By keeping an eye on potential triggers such as teething issues, stomach problems or sleep apnea disorders among others, hopefully effective solutions should arise before too long beside occasional comforting purring mother's touch presents no harm at going full circle in bringing baby back into slumbering blissful peace; so go ahead- don't worry about being ‘the cool parent’ get right next and pick them up... best wishes!

[1]. Pacifiers surely also may provide alternative immediate relief albeit could cause future displacement/teeth malformation trouble/harming one (although not pacifier-related) must refrain from allowing access because then you raise unhygienic concerns-imagine how annoying having flu at bedtime consistently feels.. Anyway;both infants-&their caregivers' voices simultaneously create sounds corresponding rhythms producing heart rates mirroring that match-(try lulaby sessions).

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