The Ultimate Guide: How to Fix a Mullet

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to fix a mullet! Whether you're looking to rock this iconic hairstyle or correct some unfortunate haircut mishaps, we've got you covered. With these tips and tricks, you'll be able to achieve the perfect mullet in no time.

The Ultimate Guide: How to Fix a Mullet

Understanding the Mullet

Before we dive into fixing a mullet, let's first take a look at what exactly this hairstyle is all about. A mullet typically features short hair on top and long hair in the back. It gained popularity in the 1980s and has since become an unforgettable symbol of that era.

Different Types of Mullets

Believe it or not, there are actually different types of mullets out there. Here are four popular variations:

  1. Classic Mullet - This classic style features shorter hair on top with longer strands cascading down your back.
  2. Rat Tail Mullet - As its name suggests, this type of mullet includes an extra-long strand of hair in place of the typical shorter sideburn area.
  3. Wavy Mullet - If straight locks aren't your thing, consider going for wavy tresses instead.
  4. Braided Mullet - Why settle for one boring hairstyle when you can braid your evolved strands into something truly unique?

The Misconceptions About Mullets

Now that we know more about what makes up a proper mullet do you still think they’re tacky? Mullets have garnered quite a bit of hate over their storied history garnering derisive nicknames like ‘ape drape’ and ‘hockey haircut’. Although they carried negative connotations most people who sported them didn’t care because as we know attitude is everything baby!

Tools You’ll Need

To give yourself an awesome-looking modernized-maybe even timeless-version-of-the-old-school haircut, you'll need to get your hands on a few essential tools.

  • Hair Clippers
  • Trimming Scissors
  • Comb
  • Spray bottle with water or hair moisturizer
  • Mirrors (two preferably)

How to Fix a Mullet

Now that we have all the supplies we will need it’s time to begin!

Step 1: Determine Your Desired Length

Start by using the hairstyle's natural division points as guidelines. Essentially, mullets tend to be around mid-neck length so use that as your guide when shaping and cutting.

Step 2: Wash and Dry Thoroughly

Ensure you wash your tresses before doing anything else giving oneself fresh locks is always going to give one an idea of how it actually looks. After washing make sure you also completely dry them before doing anything else prepping strands correctly ensures accurate measurements and trimmings.

Step 3: Sectioning Off The Hair

Section off about three-fourths of the hair into four different parts of back-to-front lines for this step targeting only lengths one wants perfect i.e trimming those long btaches! Prioritize starting at center from bottom moving up, never beginning snips directly in front or right behind ears since they’re usually super short just let them grow out until longer locks around these areas can cover their blunders.

Step 4: Adjust & Optimize Each Piece

At this stage clipper guide combs are used globally leaping over each section quickly rating lengths & proportions create even cuts whilst leaving a gradient transition towards the rear area continuing carefully onto sides ignoring bangs entirely keeping solely own’s methodology intact throughout process prioritizing originality over copying styles save some bucks while manifesting true essence of individualistic choice within personal performance art which our total persona should reflect period amen .

Tips & Tricks

Whether needing care tips toward brandishing new headdress glory or fixing regrets, here’re some helpful tips:

  • Use a spray bottle to keep hair damp while trimming
  • Be patient–don’t rush through the cutting process.
  • Always cut less than you think you need. You can always go back and take more off if necessary
  • Check the length as you go by looking into multiple mirrors (ideally two) verses trying to turn your one head in every possible direction!
  • Remember that perfecting this hairstyle will require touch-ups from time-to-time

Common Mistakes To Avoid

If something goes wrong during the styling or cutting process do not panic! Plenty of mistakes are salvageable and everyone is bound to make them. However, there are certain things to avoid as best one could:

Cutting Too Much Hair Off At Once

Undercutting at beginning stages unnecessary haste thinking it’s ok cut extra first but then being faced with incredible layer discrepancy very dangerous turns mullet dreams quickly awry.

Uneven Ratios aka Interior Lines Off Balance

The most crucial point when giving eye-catching mode a whirl has everything to do with centralized balance. Lengths on each side must measure evenly ensuring necklines never looking too drastically long buy focusing less intently around ear sections where mis-cuts usually occur thereby preserving precise positions framing gorgeous facial features got it?

Lack of Confidence & Taking the Safe Route

No offense meant but what’s really sillier than seeing proper brave soul donning modernized mullets AND doing so for all those naysayers out there isn’t insecurely being passive instead taking risks displaying personal flair!


There we have it folks – our ultimate guide on how to fix a mullet. By following these steps, using right equipment and teaming up confidence levels who knows what amazing styles can be achieved since they say life starts outside comfort zones!

Rock that mullet proudly knowing now how hard working heads thrived to secure it. Your unique new look may just end up being the envy of all your previously skeptical friends, remember hair regeneration is a natural thing so don’t take things too seriously!

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