The Ultimate Guide to Day One of Your Period

Ah, the beginning of a new menstrual cycle. You know what that means- it's time for cramps, bloating, mood swings and all sorts of fun stuff! But fear not my fellow period havers! I'm here to guide you through the first day like a pro so you can handle your flow with confidence!

The Ultimate Guide to Day One of Your Period

1. Prepare Yourself Mentally

The first step in preparing for day one is to get yourself mentally ready. This can be as simple as acknowledging that this is a natural process that happens every month or educating yourself about the physiology behind menstruation.

2. Keep Those Cravings in Check

When we are on our periods cravings hit us hard! It’s essential to prepare healthy snacks and foods beforehand and resist sugar temptations such as chocolate bars (I know that sounds crazy). Eating high fiber foods will help you stay full longer while easing bloating.

3. Stock up on Supplies

Don’t wait until the last minute - make sure you have enough supplies stocked up before hand so there are no surprises with blood stains in unexpected places , yikes!

4. Choose Comfortable Clothing

There's nothing worse than squeezing into tight jeans when bloated from water retention! Opt for stretchy & comfortable clothing choices such as leggings or sweatpants . Wear those clothes like nobody’s business because sweetie – comfort comes first always.

5. Take Pain Relief Medication

Period cramps never take a break but thankfully pain relief meds exist which makes them bearable ! Have ibuprofen handy or any other medication recommended by your doctor...because honey nothing should stop us from having fun despite being on our red dashboard!

6. Practice Self-Care

Take some time out each day during your period just focusing only on yourself: treat yourself with face/hair masks, quality alone time or indulge in hobbies you enjoy. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

7. Understand Your Cycle

Understanding the different phases is a huge help into planning when your next period might kick in, since periods are unpredictable sometimes! It’s a fact that syncing up with friends or family members won’t always happen but understanding your cycle equips us to handle period better emotionally and physically

8. Keep Track of Menstrual History

Tracking menstrual history can be rewarding as we familiarize ourselves with our cycles - this helps us understand what's normal for our bodies while aiding future health prospects as well ( plus bragging rights cause who doesn’t like showing off? ).

9. Don't Let Bloating Get You Down

Bloating is an annoying symptom resulting from natural water retention during menstruation. A de-bloat diet aimed at reducing salt consumption helps decrease water weight gain while engaging in moderate exercise such as walking, dancing, light weights etc is crucial; Plus side- endorphins boost our mood !

10.Maintain Good Hygiene

Period hygiene should never be compromised (although I'm sure we’ve all been there.), always make sure to change sanitary pads/tampons every few hours maximum plus washing yourself thoroughly everyday!

11.Reach Out For Support

It’s okay if days 1 &2 hurt real bad ! Reach out for support from friends or loved ones because believe me , they’ll know how you feel and only want to help because together we elevate each other so let them shower love on y’all!

12.Ditch The Workout Schedule

Skipping gym schedule sounds weird ; but hear me out: vigorous exercises I said NO! Cause pushing too hard may not only injure us but also exacerbate muscle pains and discomfort associated with periods so instead tune into low impact workouts made especially for PMS symptoms.

13.Practice Gratitude

It’s important to recognise that menstruation is normal and natural while practicing gratitude makes us acknowledge our bodies more productively by simply thanking it for working wonders in producing an egg/cleansing uterus each month. You got this!

14.Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine Consumption

As much tempting as it might be, alcohol & caffeine should really be avoided during your period because they dehydrate the body making period cramps worse (No coffee on day one? tell me about it!)

15.Trace Your Cycle with Apps

There are tons of handy dandy apps such Flow , Clue etc which help you keep track of menstrual history all aside from its not so regular happening.

16.Have Fun Regardless

We’re talking just another day ladies! The mood swings, fatigue,constipation OUCH / minor inflammations sure can take a toll but let’s embrace periodicity like we embrace our badassery; nothing stops us now - even if there are jelly-fish tentacles whipping around! Keep It Cool sista!

And voila ! That was the ultimate guide to rocking out Day 1 without losing your mind...which was pretty much just a reminder that no matter what time of month it is there's always ways we can make ourselves feel better through self-care procedures..even while shedding blood up high 😉

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