The Ultimate Guide to Self-Removing Mirena Safely

Let's face it, when it comes to removing any sort of contraceptive device from our bodies, the thought alone can make anyone a bit squeamish. It’s normal; we understand!

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Removing Mirena Safely

But don't worry – removing your intrauterine device (IUD), specifically the popular Mirena brand, is not as scary as you might think. Here's how to do it safely and with confidence.

Step 1: Consult With Your Doctor

Yes, we know this isn’t technically “self-removing.” But before you take matters into your own hands,this needs to be emphasized first and foremost -- talk with your doctor. They'll help ease any concerns and ensure that everything is done correctly.

In some cases where the IUD has moved or shifted out of place,not ideal!, an appointment may need to be scheduled for removal immediately by a physician. So please give them a ring first.

Step 2: Get Prepared

When you're ready to remove your Mirena at home, invest in quality medical gloves and sterile equipment (the good stuff!) such as sterilized scissors or small tongs only dedicated for this type of use.

Make sure everything necessary is laid out on a clean surface nearby.

It’s also important not to rush this process so allow yourself plenty of time without distractions around while doing so.

Step 3: Find Your Cervix

Here's where things get real -- locating the cervix requires getting up close and personal with one’s self-reproductive system (awkward right?), but if you’ve had children before this will (hopefully) be easier for you having already gone through labor/birth.

Wash both hands thoroughly beforehand,’ scrub-a-dub)! Make sure they’re dry too otherwise using slippery gloves will just make things harder ‌(no pun intended)Gloves on – ready set go!

Next, position your body in whatever way is most comfortable. You may want to squat or put one foot up on a surface for easier access.

Insert two clean fingers into the vagina and feel for the cervix's opening at the end of the vaginal canal. It will feel like a small bump or dimple; some describe it as feeling similar to their nose’s tipWell that clears things up doesn’t it?

The IUD strings will also be located just outside of this opening – you're getting close!

Step 4: Remove Mirena

Once you've found your cervix and confirmed that you can locate the device’s strings, gently pull down on them until there is tension ‌without letting go or pulling too hard‌ (Don't be THAT person!).

You’ll notice a slight discomfort as though something is being removed from within but continue applying gentle pressure while also moving side-to-side giving dental-floss-like tugs If necessary.

If still experiencing difficulty after wiggling back-and-forth & tugging lightly repeat this process again. Eventually, with patience, persistence and luck (fingers crossed!) it should come out cleanly without trauma done to surrounding tissues insidethe miracle of childbirth pales in comparison- amirite moms?!

Step 5: Take A Break And Assess The Scene

After successfully removing your Mirena (Congrats!!!) take time pat yourself on [your] back proudly before inspecting everything closely.

Ensure all pieces are accounted for otherwise,who knows where they went?? SPOILER ALERT: nowhere good!


Though we’ve hopefully made light of what could become a nerve-wracking procedure (we hate anxiety around here), safely self-removing an intrauterine contraception device shouldn't have to be such an intimidating action.

We implore you to remember that your personal health choices are your own and although seeking medical consultation is always recommended, sometimes making the decision oneself can empower us just as much! Thank goodness for our intelligent minds (and properly sterilized equipment) all around, folks.

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