The Vicks Humidifier: Filter or No Filter?

Ah, the age-old debate: filter or no filter? When it comes to the Vicks humidifier, the question remains. Which is better? Well, my dear reader, look no further. We’re going to dive deep into this topic and give you all the information you need so that you can make an informed decision on which Vicks humidifier is right for you.

The Vicks Humidifier: Filter or No Filter?


First things first, let's start with some background on what exactly a humidifier does. A humidifier adds moisture to the air in your home which can help alleviate dry skin, congestion from colds and flu (not Covid-19), allergies and other respiratory problems. It’s also great for plants that prefer a more humidity-rich environment - just an added bonus there.

To Filter or Not To Filter?

Now, when it comes to choosing between filter or no-filter options for your humidifier there are pros and cons both ways.

Filters Pros & Cons


  • Filters remove impurities from water before releasing them as mist
  • Most filters come infused with antimicrobial agents
  • They prevent molds from forming inside your device
  • Reduce composition of hard minerals in water; prolonging lifespan of device.


  • Need frequent changing/upkeep(replacements recommend every 30 days) . Especially true if: - Hard Water area - Device used continuously

    otherwise replacing filter might not be necessary as often

### No-filters Pros & Cons


  • Low Maintenance: These devices do not require regular replacement parts/infusions. Only require occasional cleaning depending upon usage frequency


 - Carry potential health risks such bacteria build-up

##What Is Best For Me? So now comes down to personal preference; How much do you want to invest in terms of maintenance and personal safety?

Filter It!

If you (and your wallet) are willing to invest in regular upkeep a filter capable humidiifer is the better choice for you. They may require more frequent filter changes, but having the security that impurities have been eliminated from water vapor should help lessen fears of catching communicable diseases.

Or Go Without!

Now if you're someone who doesn't want/need all those bells&whistles or someone on tight budget, no-filter humidifiers eliminate costs of needing replacements & will aid with coughs, congestion and itchy dry skin; just without assurance that output mist lacks harmful minerals during everyday use.

Either way as long as your device can supply moisture inside homes/apartments/offices/etc;The important part is feeling comfortable!

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