The Weight of a Teen: What Does an Average 14 Year Old Weigh?

It's that time again, when your little angel starts to grow, and before you know it they're towering over you! But what about their weight? Are they weighing too much or too little for their age? Today, we’re going to talk about the average weight of a 14-year-old teen, so parents can have peace of mind.

The Weight of a Teen: What Does an Average 14 Year Old Weigh?

Understanding the Importance of Weight

First things first, let’s take a moment to understand why bodyweight is such an important metric,especially among young people. Maintaining healthy body weight helps protect against many chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain forms of cancer. On top of this, maintaining optimal weight also helps reduce feelings of fatigue and stress while promoting better mental health.

Factors Influencing Teenage Body Weight​

There are several factors which play into how much a teen should weigh:


Believe it or not but genetics actually plays quite an influential role in our physical appearance – including height & body shape –​ on one hand as well as our basal metabolism rate (BMR)​the amount energy your body needs at complete rest- on the other hand).


Males generally tend to have more muscle mass and less fat than females (excluding athletes); ​hormonal changes during puberty allow guys' muscles​​to develop physically leading them towards athletic tendencies .


Diet plays perhaps one biggest role in influencing teenage weights ​​as humans’ caloric intake directly relates to how quickly those individuals gain excess fatty tissue leading them either towards leanness/conversely obesity.

Physical Activity Level

Another crucial factor affecting teenagers’ weights is simply how active they remain once hormonal changes begin occurring inducing dramatic physiological differences within youth formative years-

Most teens will tell you technology ; obsessive filming TikToks and idol features influencers forces them to sit most of the day with significantly less physical activity ???? than years before or adult counterparts

The Average Weight for a 14 Year Old Boy​

The average weight for a ​pubescent male​ builds different from that of pubescent girls since boys tend to have more muscle and bone mass compared to . At age 14, teen males can weigh anywhere between 80-150 pounds.

Here’s ​a chart showcasing weights based on percentile ranking:

Percentile Ranking Weight in Pounds
5th Percentile 76 lbs.
10th Percentile 87 lbs.
25th Percentile 104 lbs.
50th Percentile (Median) 123 lbs.
75thPercentil e 143lbs .
90 thPercenti le 161lbs.
95 th Pe rcen tile 175Ibs.

It is important for parents to know that if screen time increases, your kid's desires start inclining towards fatty/sugary foods leading towards increased adipose tissue which could lead towards problems not just externally but internally as well such as high blood sugar levels along with cardiovascular disease.

The Average Weight For a 14 Year Old Girl​

As mentioned earlier, female adolescence possess alot more fat tissue than their athletic peers; this is primarily due the body preparing for pregnancy during puberty.The average range of healthy girls’ weight at this age falls around 77–144 pounds,

Below is an overview of corresponding percentile rankings;

Percentile Ranking Age Weight LBS
2nd || 69
5 Th ||  74
10 Th ||  81 25TH || 94
50 TH(Median ) || ///105 // 75TH ///119½ 90 TH ||2150 95TH ||144

It is important to understand that weight should not be the only way for a parent to measure their child's health, as body mass index (BMI) weighs in both height and bodyweight. It is no wonder !!!

The Rules Of BMI

What Is Body Mass Index?

The so-called magic wand of measuring humans' overall healthy size over time -or henceforth mostly named BMI- it calculates the fat distribution around individuals bods with respect to weight & height together calculated.

How To Calculate BMI?

Here's how you can calculate an individual personified bmi::::n ## ????????????= ????????????gℎ???? ÷ (ℎeigℎt MM)² where : Height whose base unit is in meters while Weight whose bae unit here happens to be kilograms.

There are two scales according one’s measurement units : Metric scale(BMI = kg/m2) and imperial scale(BMI=707 lbs/inches 2)

Reasons Why You Should Measure Your Child’s BMI

Measuring your child or teen’s weight gradually allows parents assess whether they're maintaining healthy weights through puberty phase which could create negative effects if unchecked,

An overweight adolescent might go on oral medication therapy since obesity creates metabolic havoc leading towards high cholesterol levels,circulatory problems implicating lethargy,sleep apnea along with other noted issues already mentioned above; whereas extremely leanness also has its toll on reproductive system causing hormonal imbalances . thus, appropriately checking their BMIs at least yearly/clinical check up continuously assessing would help rule out any underlying medical conditions present or progressing within teens’ bodies, despite being asymptomatic.

Final Words

Overall human weight is complex, and as children develop into their teenage years or even young adulthood, major physical changes occur that directly influence weight. It’s important to maintain healthy weights during puberty in order to avoid negative long-term effects on health- both internal & external - however BMI must also be taken account for measuring current and future levels of obesity/underweight status.

It's just the playstyle which influences a lot...whether it be PUBG, free-fire teenagers are seldomly affected by harmful radiation from sources like smartphones/cameras thus parental guidance becomes crucial.

So if you're worried about your child's weight but unsure where they stand at this point in time ? Don't feel hesitant discussing your concerns with your teen's doctor or big brother!

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