Third Trimester: How Much Weight to Gain?

Congratulations on making it to the third trimester! You have officially entered the final stretch of pregnancy, and now you're probably thinking about how much weight you should be gaining. This is a valid concern, as your body needs all the right nutrients and minerals during this crucial period.

Third Trimester: How Much Weight to Gain?

The amount of weight that you need to gain in your third trimester can vary depending on several factors, such as your pre-pregnancy weight, age, and health condition. However, with proper care and attention to nutrition, there's no reason why you can't safely gain enough weight to support both yourself and your baby.

What Is Considered Healthy for Third-Trimester Pregnant Women?

Accordingly, a woman who was at an average weight before getting pregnant (BMI between 18.5-24.9) should be aiming for around one pound per week during the last three months of her pregnancy, totally achievable given she eats well-balanced meals regularly.

On the other hand if before being pregnant she was underweight (BMI below 18.5), then ideally she ahould gain up from just over a pound per week to even two or more once past week 36, but always following doctor’s recommendations.

If instead our future mama had been overweight / obese pre-pregnancy (a BMI above 25), then experts suggest ranging between half-a-pound (due to existing risks )and closer usually reaching maximum one pound by following their healthcare team indications!

In addition general exercise is beneficial when integrated into daily routine however it si important not exceeding high impact activities An aversion towards exercising can alternatively lead for mothers-to-be opt for stretching classes which allows them balance alongside periods where unexpected fatigue may strike.

Why Does Gaining Enough Weight Matter in Late Pregnancy?

Gaining enough weight during late pregnancy holds significant importance because of nutritional demands :

  • Meeting your growing baby's need for energy and nutrients
  • Nourishing the placenta
  • Building up fluids, fat stores, and other resources that support you both during birth

Therefore to achieve these targets women are encouraged to consume an extra 300 calories per day. As pregnancy approaches its end this target usually feels more like a must than a suggestion. It can become slightly harder due to physical changes faced as gestational glow is replaced by visibility of bulges spaces allowing food surplus decreases as well. It is advisable though focusing on nutrient-rich foods with high-content of fibre such as whole grains/legumes ad avoiding added sugars while eating smaller portions spreadly throughout the day.

How Should You Go About Gaining Weight in Late Pregnancy?

Though healthy dieting should be maintained from start of trimester one relying solely on packing it all within couple weeks’ time isn’t advised - gradually increasing caloric intake could prove benefitial.Trust evolution since the occurrence has been observed where moms-to-be experience loss weight nearing labour onset .

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends consuming around an extra 300-450 calories per day worth up totaling between 1800 and nearly maximum amount hitting 2400 by third-trimester’s end meaning little careful multiplications here will have you informed!

But keep in mind that total equation depends largely upon individual basal metabolic rate , activity level, maternal age, pre-existing health conditions which ultimately only Doctor can rightfully analysis! Interestingly enough going against what most would expect extremely fit mommies tend putting suprisingly greater amounts indicating that their bodies naturally crave needs without any forced indulgence! So follow if it suits but don't force yourself based off others' experiences!

This additional requirement might make some moms anxious about indulging unhealthy choices whereas simply remember attaining required nutrition holds greater significance.When natural cravings arise perhaps indulge them in moderation to avoid repercussion while alternating with healthier options iron, protein-laden snacks such as apples and nuts!

Good news is there's no need stuffing oneself in order cling one's required caloric intake – nutrients are key ultimately!

Is It Possible to Gain Too Much Weight During Late Pregnancy?

Ever growing ultrasounds of baby may tempt moms into adding on those extra mountainous portions although it’s not the most profitable for both of them. Gaining too much weight during late pregnancy can increase chances for complications.

  • Gestational diabetes
  • Preeclampsia
  • C-section surgery all perfectly plausible outcomes caused by being slightly less mindful.

It is highly recommended avoiding processed foods which contain empty calories like soda, candy or chips and neglecting healthy dietary elements. Understanding though each woman has different processes which cannot fully be predicted.Disciplined medication management together with wholesome dieting routines inclusive of daily movement will aid keeping body within standard parameters !

In general Experts suggest not exceeding more than two pounds every week beyond 20th gestational week .This however depends on individual metabolism so don’t panic if you go a little overboard at your next dinner date!


Entering third trimester onwards marks concerning worry areas for some new mothers-to-be aiming to replenish reserves but truthfully just maintain well committed diety patterns supplemented alongside any suggestions given by doctor goes long way without including dozens gaining unwanted pounds . Be kind , conscious about what type food entering bodies,moving attively even slowly albeit remaining stationary longer periods.Time flies yet balances gradual adjustments along its path.True essence lies in understanding why certain nutritional/fetal growth requirements necessitate timelines set whilst sustaining healthy physical state naturally fostering environment perfect greeting newborn arrival!

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