Tips for Celebrating Baby’s Full Month: What to Buy

If you have had a baby recently, congratulations! It is now time to celebrate your little one's arrival with friends and family. The Chinese tradition called 'full month' celebration is an excellent way of welcoming your newborn into the world. It’s typically held when the baby turns one month old.

As part of this exciting occasion, gifts are usually given out by parents to express their gratitude for those who supported them throughout the pregnancy journey. Choosing what gifts or items to buy can be challenging if you don't know where to start. Fret not, though; we have got some fantastic options that you might want to consider!

Clothing Items

After being confined within a mother's womb for nine months, it would help if you made your little bundle-of-joy comfortable enough in clothes that are cozy yet stylish.


Onesies will become your new best friend as they prove practical in every sense of the word--easy-to-wear? Check! Accessible changing times? Check! Best birthday outfit ever? Double check!

The question isn't whether or not onesies should be on this list- it's which quirky design matches up well with bubba's personality?

Style ideas: - Funny animal prints - Matching onesie & hat set
- Fluffy fabric designs (fortress from wind and cold)

Swaddle Blankets

Babies need warmth and security more than anything else after they're born -this makes swaddling blankets important purchases essential for snuggly moments with both mom and dad.

A good receiving blanket also provides protection against sunlight while moving outdoors and emergency below-the-carrier diaper changes situations no parent wants to think about but sometimes end up needing urgently.


Baby Feeding

Feeding your baby right is crucial for healthy growth and development, which makes baby feeding items a safe bet when gifting them.

Nursing Essentials

One of the most challenging things that new moms face after having a baby is breastfeeding. There’s nothing worse than being caught in public without any supplies or not able to get comfortable while nursing due to poorly designed gear!

Help out the mama bear by following these tips: - Get her a perfect shape nursing bra - it can be very beneficial. - A stylish yet functional cover-up scarf
- Reusable breast pads

These simple items might just make her entire experience negotiable.


Cleaning Products

Babies are messy creatures as anyone with prior experience will tell you. It's an allergenic world out there, and keeping their surfaces clean becomes paramount.

Diaper Wipes Warmer

If there's one thing we know about babies, it's that they hate getting their diaper changed! Imagine how warm and comfortable they'll feel when mommy uses something more deluxe than cold napkins from the box on these wintery days?

Keep those little bum holds happy with a high-quality (and weirdly overlooked) wipe warmer.

The best items in market: - Baby Brezza (warms, sterilizes) - Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer - Prince Lionheart Ever-Fresh System

Air Purifiers

There is nothing like clean air around a newly arrived baby's nursery. Especially if they suffer from any allergies or ashtma.

A humidifier steadily adds moisture back to the environment and can help ease common cold symptoms such as dry chapped lips or even bloody noses.

Air Purifiers

Toys & Entertainment

It’s no secret that babies enjoy playing with toys - but finding ones they'll love is another story entirely!


Rattles are an essential toy for newborns as it provides not only entertainment but also development of their sound exploration skills, motor activity coordination and sensitivity.

Our favourite picks for 'Rattle n Roll' kind:
- VTech Wiggle and Crawl Ball - Too many songs! - Bright Starts Shake & Spin Activity Balls

Cute Teethers

Teething toddlers deserve happy times too! Get them sassy looking teethers to play around with when going through unbearable teething phase

Here are three (weird) examples for those who want some extra oddity: 1) DC Comics Superhero Teether
2) Avocado Teether (cute!)
3) Angled Sunflower Textured Chewy



Sometimes, it’s hard to categorise a gift or confusing if the item falls under different categories

Memory Book

Life will keep progressing, and you won't want to forget one single moment of your baby's journey into this world! Ever heard of those monthly milestone pictures with all sorts of cutesy props?

Here are some cute options for memory books 1) Lucy Darling First Year Baby Memory Book
2) As You Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Baby
3) Pearhead Chevron Baby Album

Memory Books

The bottom line is that there are plenty of baby gifts out there that can make great presents without costing much money (or driving you mad). With the tips above used as a starting point, go ahead and shop around; finding an option should become more comfortable than ever!

So get creative and mix-and-match these quirky yet practical gift ideas we gathered from all over town so every full moon spent in love with your hygge bundle-of-gooeyness is appreciated to its fullest potential.

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